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A simple name with significant meaning. The bar community in Rome unites under a brand-new project- Roma 4 Roma.

The idea was born by Matteo Zed, Bar Manager of The Court, one of the few establishments in Rome, Italy able to stay open during the week in order to accommodate hotel guests. Wanting to help out his colleagues (many who were forced to close completely due to the Covid DCPM regulations) Matteo thought to The Court’s previous guest shift events on Monday evenings, where they hosted acclaimed bartenders from around the world. Only this time Zed reached out to fellow Roman bars and bartenders and together they created this beautiful partnership…

Roma 4 Roma: every Thursday at The Court

Every Thursday will be a total takeover at The Court featuring some of the best bars and bartenders in Rome. Each bar shift (from 15-18 closing) will showcase that bar’s signature drink, particular style, and price (€8/10) – thanks to the generous sponsors: Ginarte, Campari, Matusalem, Disaronno, San Pellegrino, Roberto Cavalli Vodka, Busker Irish Whiskey, Fluère, Tia Maria, Mancino Vermouth, Mezcal Siete Misterios, Pallini Limoncello, Di Frutta, Camellia’s Tea House, Perrier, and Ice Cube. The aperitivo will be offered by The Court.

Another touching example of support within the spirits and hospitality community. This goes beyond merely showcasing the incredible cocktails and talent that can be found in Rome. Roma4Roma is about an industry coming together in the most difficult of times. So please come out to show your support.

Project Roma4Roma kicks off THIS Thursday, February 4thwith the great Mario Farulla of Chapter Roma. Followed by everyone’s (now world-famous) street bar Freni e Frizioni with Riccardo Rossi. Other bars in the lineup include: Drink Kong, The Jerry Thomas Project, The Barbershop, Argot, Empire, Treefolks, COSO, Drop Monti, The Blind Pig, Tale, Buseto, Jigger, Quintessa, and Rome’s homegrown Drink-it.

Space is limited so book your reservation now! 06 69354581 /
The Court – Via Labicana, 125

The Calendar

4 February
The Chapter – Mario Farulla

11 February
Freni e Frizioni – Riccardo Rossi

18 February
Jigger – Roman Popovici + Buseto – Silvia Carpene

25 February
Drink Kong – Patrick Pistolesi

4 March
Julep Bar – Sabina Yausheva + Stravinsky Bar – Barbara Simmi

11 March – Valeria Bassetti e Emanuele Broccatelli

18 March
The Barber Shop – Joy Napolitano

25 March
Argot – Ilaria Migliorini + Club Derrière

1 April
Empire – Pasquale Viscito + Stadlin – Daniele Arciello e Edoardo Coticoni

8 April
Treefolk’s – Michele Ferruccio + Co.So. – Giulia Castellucci

15 April
Drop – Luca De Nardo, Jacopo Pitanti e Lukasz Kloc

22 April
Blind Pig – Egidio Fidanza e Mattia Ria + Tale – Ludovico Lembo e William Santamaita

29 April
Acquaroof – Alessandro Simeone + Quintessa – Alessandro Clementini

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