Roma Fiction Fest

The Ninth Edition of the RomaFictionFest is organised by the Fondazione Cinema per Roma and by the Associazione Produttori Televisivi, and will take place in Rome from November 11st to 15th, 2015, at the Cinema Adriano and at the Auditorium della Conciliazione.

Over the years, the RomaFictionFest has established itself as one of the leading showcases devoted to television series on the Italian and international scene. The RomaFictionFest is dedicated to tv and OTT – Over The Top – broadcasting. Its main aim is to promote the creation of tv fiction of remarkable quality, style and contents and to spread it among the new generations too.


The Artistic Direction aims to present, in Italy, the première of Italian and international new works produced for tv and OTT broadcasting, that should be able to represent each and every voice of the wide tv landscape, namely: drama, comedy, kids, teens and animations. The Italian and international fictions can be presented in Competition or Out of Competition. The International Competition will present 12 new works produced for Tv and OTT broadcasting (exclusively PILOT or SEASON 1) still unreleased in Italy, between September 2014 and October 2015.


The works presented to RomaFictionFest are chosen under the responsibility of the Artistic Direction of the Festival. Unreleased works of fiction in Italy are admitted to the Official Selection – Out of Competition and preference is given to the World and European Premières. Viceversa, Italian works must be World Premières, except for the retrospectives, the Masterclass projections and some special projections too.


Roma Fiction Fest


From November 11-15

free entrance


Cinema Adriano

Auditorium della Conciliazione

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