Sheket: Rome’s First Slow Club

Sheket Rome's First Slow Bar

Sheket: Rome’s restaurant and bar footsteps from Piazza Venezia

Sheket, named after the Hebrew word for silence, provides an alternative experience to Roman nightlife. It is one of Rome’s first “slow clubs”; that is, a place that has all of the features of a club, but recreates them in a way that allows you to relax, unwind, and feel at home. Sheket is a lounge built for anyone looking for good music, a gastronomic experience, curated cocktails, or all of the above. The minds behind Sheket’s concept intend to give those who wander in a place to let loose.

Sheket Rome's First Slow Bar

sheket cocktail bar rome

The space exudes a mid-eighties, Havana vibe with its blush pink lights, feathers, and palm decor, all topped by a disco-ball. It is all done in perfect subtlety, however – just enough to emanate an energy of leisure and luxury. The club features two full bars, a small stage for live music as well as an upper level dj set and dance floor, and a room to enjoy Sheket’s dinner menu. The dinner menu is a fusion between Asian and Latin flavors, all done in a contemporary fashion (they also have vegan-friendly options!). Whether you want an expertly-created cocktail, fun aperitivo, or a full dinner with friends or colleagues, Sheket will be sure to surprise your palate.

Sheket Rome's First Slow Bar

Sheket Rome's First Slow Bar

Sheket Rome's First Slow Bar

At Sheket, you will be able to find live music or a dj set playing blues, jazz, funk, and more. Local musicians all over Rome come to Sheket to perform, allowing those who stop by a chance to become familiar with the local music scene. The seating arrangements in the front space provide a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a drink and listen to music, while the second floor is where you come to dance. Wednesdays are their “Velvet” nights, that begin with aperitivo and showcase famous Roman DJ’s; Thursdays are called “It’s so good” as they bring in international DJ’s. The weekend is opened with “No Guest List Friday” that includes live shows with names like Joshua Jack, Lydia Lyon, Spiller and Lele Sacchi. Lastly, the theme of Saturday night is called “Extra Cheese,” which is centered around hip-hop. Whatever music you’re into on whatever day of the week, this club is conducive to the kind of nightlife you are looking for.

Sheket Rome's First Slow Bar

Sheket Rome's First Slow Bar

Sheket is described as a “secret to keep to yourself or to share.” This truly captures the space’s intimate groove. If you’re looking for a getaway from the bustle of the city-center or the stress of a work week, Sheket is the place to go.


Via delle Botteghe Oscure, 33 (Centro Storico)

Opening time

Wednesday 7pm – 2am; Thursday 7pm – 3am
Friday – Saturday 7pm – 4 am


349 370 9115

Sheket, Slow Bar

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