Box of brandy goblets engraved with diamond tip


Box of brandy goblets engraved with diamond tip

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Box set pair of glasses for brandy engraved by hand with the tip of diamond, made by Marianna Petronelli.

Goblets engraved riproducento the first round of the composition notes ‘Blue train’, the jazz musician Jhon Coltrane.
Incisions are made up in RCR crystal glasses with a diamond drill through a small precision milling machine and packed in a wooden box decorated by hand and lined in gray velvet.

This implementation is part of a work named ‘cycle in known crystal soul, intoxication kindred souls’. The cycle of works in question only offers unique and not replicable, but it is possible, on request, affect compositions other than those already made. From the time of order, the chalices and the box set will be available in 10 days.

Work carried out in Italy. Weight of the box about 0,8 Kg – MP decoration Art – Art Shop – Decorations – Glass – Reputeka – MP Arte della decorazione – Art – Decorations – Glass – Reputeka

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