Courtesy light


Courtesy light

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Vivi-made in Italy is the signature that distinguishes my last production. I am an architect and I work on enhancement of Cultural Heritage and Design ceramics. I am fortunate to live and produce in Vietri sul Mare, the town of ancient pottery tradition. I design and make coatings, furniture and objects also commissioned. Prometheus is a courtesy light meant to illuminate the path so discreet, but also a candleholder out of scale. A spark of irony and poetry to illuminate dark corners both physical and intangible. It is in ceramics, handmade with poor and hard work and care, according to local tradition. It is part of a production line for small series, furnishing accessories which, although starting from the same matrix from time to time become unique objects. Prometheus has the dimension of approximately 50x50x70 (WxHxD) and weights around 7kg. – Vivi’ – Homedesign – Decor optionals – Ceramic – Reputeka – Vivi’ – Art – Sculptures – Ceramic – Reputeka

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