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The goat: memories of a former child, Giancarlo Moi. The memory transformed into a ‘stitched’ fairy tale favors a process of identification, allowing you to unload the emotional experience, not of the child, but of the adult, like a dream. The focus is on the symbolic theme of the shepherd, the artist, and the achievement of the poetic condition: a goat that for him is everything, it symbolizes the fantasy that climbs up hills and precipices, cliffs and vastness, and arouses the desire to run away from certainties and breathe the air of freedom. Designer: Giulia Moi. Handmade in 925 silver with rhodium plating and small horn in natural coral, wool woven with pibionis technique, used in the processing of the traditional Sardinian rugs. Produced in Sardinia (province of Ogliastra in Barisardo city). – Sardegna Gioielli – Jewelry – Necklaces – Silver – Reputeka

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