Borghese Gallery Virtual Tour with Art Historian

Borghese Gallery Virtual Tour with Art Historian

Borghese Gallery Virtual Tour with Art Historian


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DURATION: 1 hour

DEPARTURE TIME: 1pm (Fri), 2pm (Sat) 

MEETING POINT: This is a virtual online experience, upon booking you will receive an email with the registration details and link to the event.


Join a licensed art historian on a fully interactive virtual tour of the Borghese Gallery, filled with photos, videos, polls, and a live Q&A.
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Borghese Gallery Virtual Tour with Art Historian Highlights

  • Explore the art found inside the Borghese Gallery, all from your computer
  • Listen to an art historian explain the history behind Caravaggio’s iconic paintings
  • Admire the dramatic compositions of Bernini’s sculptures from the Renaissance period
  • Experience digitally the works of iconic artists such as Raphael, Correggio, and Titian
  • Expand your knowledge with interactive polls and a live Q&A session after the tour

Borghese Gallery Virtual Tour with Art Historian Inclusions

  • Online Virtual Tour
  • Art historian expert guide
  • Live Q&A session


Marvel the art inside Rome’s Borghese Gallery, housing such masters as Caravaggio and Bernini, on a fully interactive virtual 1-hour webinar led by an expert art historian, making it a perfect at-home activity. 

Take a digital tour that is loaded with a wide array of interactive activities where you will see the artistic treasures of the Borghese Gallery and hear the stories behind these masterworks, which you can’t find with a simple google search.

Learn the fascinating history behind one of Italy’s most celebrated artists: Michelangelo Caravaggio. With his mastery of the “chiaroscuro” technique, Caravaggio managed to capture intensely dramatic scenes of darkness and light whose power can still be felt through a computer screen. Explore his life and his dynamic and dramatic paintings and gain a deep understanding of why they are still celebrated to this day.

Admire the exaggerated splendor and dramatic compositions Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s iconic sculptures. With just a few simple tools and blocks of stone, Bernini crafted some of the most enduring pieces of Renaissance period.

Discover the works of other great artists whose work is housed in the Borghese gallery, such as Raphael, Correggio, and Titian. With your licensed art historian guide, you’ll foster a deep understanding of these great works. 

At the end of your virtual tour, expand your knowledge and ask the questions you always wanted to ask about any of the artists and their work during a live Q&A session.

Invite the whole family — huddle around the computer and watch together. There will only be one login per booking, and thus the virtual tour cannot be accessed on multiple devices. Any device may be used and no special program is needed. An email will be sent the day of the activity with login information.

No webcam or microphone is needed. If you would like to interact you are welcome to, but no one will see you or hear you speak unless you choose to participate in the Q&A portion, which is only audio. Your privacy is very important.


  • All start times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • You will get registration details and link for the online experience upon booking
  • Even if you are more than one person watching from the same device, it is sufficient to select one participant while booking to access the virtual tour.


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