Silver pendant with small shell HOOD


Silver pendant with small shell HOOD

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The collection ‘il mare addosso’ was created to pay tribute to the profound bond that unites us to our Trieste sea.
With a fairly complex process we managed to get the casts of shells, starfish, sea urchins and other sea dwellers, all collected on our beaches.
From here on it was relatively easy to obtain pendants, earrings and jewelry in general.
This pendant is the smaller version of the previous one. The shell is called ‘Hood’ and is quite common.
The silver pendant 925/1000 weighs 7 grams and measuring 23 x 22 mm. E ‘was made by hand in our laboratory in Trieste. – Artre ‘Bottega Goldsmith – Jewellery – Pendants – Silver – Reputeka – Artre’ Bottega Orafa – Jewelry – Pendants – Silver – Reputeka

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