Spots for an Aperitivo in Rome

aperitivo in rome

Welcome to Rome and to the city that gets plenty of “siesta”. But when Italians are not napping they are always out an about and their favorite activity is the “aperitivo”; a typical Italian ritual that includes music, drinks and good food all in one. If you’re visiting you should really experience this sort of European happy-hour and here are a few tips of where to go.

Salotto 42 Piazza di Pietra RomeOne of my favorite locations in Rome is Salotto42 (Piazza di Pietra 42), this place was ranked in the Top-50 list of all of bars around the world, its a small location decorated by books and has a classic-vintage feel to it, and right in front you can admire the Temple of Hadrian, it all makes for a wonderful setting, relaxing and easy to enjoy. My favorite nights here are Wednesdays.



gusto rosso aperitivo in romeAnother great location is Gusto Rosso (Piazza Augusto Imperatore 28), this recently remodeled restaurant has it all, a wonderful location, front of the Mausoleum of Augustus, great food, good drinks and impeccable service, its open every day and we highly suggest you check it out. My favorite nights here are Tuesdays but its good all the time.



blackmarketA third location is Black Market (Via Panisperna 101), located in the neighborhood of Monti, a lovely area full of new restaurants and bars. This place features a raw venue with dim lighting, vintage furniture and wide selections of wines, they also organize a seafood Sunday based aperitivo and a meatless Monday, for those who have different tastes.





Charity Cafe Rome Live Music Jazz & BluesAnd if you want to stay in the same area just down the road we find Charity Cafe (Via Panisperna 68), if you’re looking for a cool hidden jazz bar with great cocktails and live music then this is the spot. This place has a fully-stocked bar specialized in whiskey and rum and they organize a “Jazz Aperitivo” on Sundays with all you can eat buffet. Also during the weekdays you can have a “all you can drink” aperitivo for only €10


Last but surely not least we have a special kind of place, Shari Vari Playhouse (Via di Torre Argentina 78), this is a restaurant/bar/club all in one, it has a great kitchen, fun atmosphere and its the only place of the locations mentioned that turns into a club and is open till 4am. The food is very good here and the ambiance is just amazing with professional bartenders and incredible DJ-sets and live music bands. Best during the weekend but you must reserve. You may call or text +39.334.253.2673, to reserve or if you have any nightlife question, just mention Romeing to get special treatment.

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