Tacos and Beer in Monti

tacos & beer rome monti

Hola! While the Eternal City is renowned for its robust Roman kitchen, more recent time has witnessed a sprouting of international eateries bringing exotic dishes to the traditional tavolo. In Monti’s cobbled Via del Boschetto, a touch of Mexico has brought some latino spice to the already vibrant quarter in the form of Tacos and Beer. Opened just over a month ago, this match-boxed sized venue packs a punch when it comes to delivering the Mexican street food culture to the heart of Rome.

tacos & beer rome monti

As you enter Tacos and Beer, you will soon discover that this Hispanic haunt is all about serving quality, simple portions without the frills and pretense of a highbrow restaurant. Bar stool seating, beer and wine on tap, and paper plates and napkins all add to the atmosphere of a street food kitchen-come-food stall in Mexico City. The different choices of nosh are frenetically scribbled on a blackboard behind the bar, with the main options of either burritos or tacos just discernible. For either choice, select from a range of tasty fillings including grilled chicken or spiced beef, and for vegetarians, crushed herbed beans. Whatever your penchant, all are accompanied with a hefty filling of salad and a dollop of mayo.

tacos & beer rome monti

Due to my sensitivity towards anything remotely spiced, I opted for a serving of three tacos with grilled chicken and beans, while my Bosnian companion for the evening was daring enough to choose the burrito with spiced beef. Although our selections were all more than satisfactory, it was universal that the hearty burrito took the culinary medal for the evening.

While the portions may be small, the prices at Tacos and Beer won’t break the bank, with food from €5 and beer from €2. If you want to defy the rapid street food culture, and ensconce yourself in this charming venue for just a little longer, why not sample one of the homemade Mexican-inspired cocktails, using base spirits of rum, tequila, or Mescal.

Also be sure to absorb the artistic surroundings, as Tacos and Beer effectively uses the space as an art gallery, displaying an eclectic ensemble of coloured paintings to add to the vibrant ambiance. Relaxed, reliable, and internationally tasty, Tacos and Beer is the new ideal venue in which to welcome the impending summer season.

tacos & beer rome monti

Tacos and Beer

Via del Boschetto, 130 (Monti)

Open: 12pm – 3pm & 5pm – 11:30pm


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