Tamara, Alaskan

How long have you lived in Italy?
I have visited Italy for 10 years but have now lived here almost 2 years.

One word to sum up the dating experience in Rome?
Complicated… to say the least.

Can you describe the worst date you’ve ever had here?
I had a horrific date with an over amorous Carabinieri that I now call il Polpo (Octopus). We had drinks and a pizza in Campo dei Fiori and I could barely eat because I was too busy trying to keep his hands off my breasts or out of my pants. He just kept drooling and repeating over and over that I was his dream. I just kept thinking this date sucks, I am being sexually assaulted by an officer.

And the best date so far?
Men in Rome are very lucky the city is so beautiful and romantic; they’d have to be a complete imbecile to ruin a night out. I have been lucky to have some great dates in the Eternal City. Beautiful dinners on rooftops, wonderful days by the sea, heart-racing ride in a Lambo along the Amalfi coast, aperitivo with breathtaking views. But I am also content just walking hand in hand through a charming piazza with the right guy.

Do Italians go Dutch or does a gentleman pay for a girl’s meal here?
Most men have been gentlemen and paid but I like to treat sometimes too. But a lot of Italian men won’t let a girl pay.

What is the pick-up line you hear most often in Rome?
Complimenti, sei una modella????” I also hear that I look like Naomi Campbell, Youma, Tyra, even Michele Obama… pretty much any black woman they know and can think of her name fast. Or they just call me Pantera Nera.

Are the Italians more passionate than Anglosaxons or is this just the stereotype?
I have dated some passionate ones, some I would just categorize as “dramatic”.

Is the dating culture easier than back home or harder?
Easier I would say but maybe because I am more interested here. I was a bit over the American dating scene.

Your favourite bar/discoteca to flirt in Rome?
I had good luck at CO2 or I like Doppiozero. Bar del Fico is good to just people-watch but I rarely take anyone who approaches me there seriously.

Your favourite restaurant for a dinner date?
I like MOMO or if a guy listens and takes me to my favorite pizza place we will be at Zio Ciro every date.


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