TATIANA TROUVÉ at Gagosian Gallery Rome

TATIANA TROUVÉ Gagosin Gallery Rome

The hundred titles in 36,524 days

Gagosian Rome is pleased to present Tatiana Trouvé’s first exhibition in Rome.

Announced with a handwritten and stained letter, Trouvé’s exhibition makes time its primary material, from the title that evolves over the years and days of a century to sculptural situations alluding to states of constitutive and deconstitutive transformation.

In disquieting, dystopic sculptural installations, Trouvé limns the boundaries between the mental and physical where time, space, form, and memory converge. Her work merges sculpture, architecture, and drawing in site-specific situations that combine scenographic drawings, sculptures both linear and cast, and disquieting built spaces. Trouvé both depicts and creates eviscerated interiors that contain echoes of other lived spaces and realities. The resulting “environmental dramas” are melancholy yet highly charged, oscillating between the real, the imaginary and the phantasmic.

Trouvé’s process destabilizes precise engineering with elements of chance, mixing negative and positive forms and spaces. New sculptures made from copper and painted bronze curve and rise eccentrically into air, like drawn lines. They incorporate light bulbs at each end—one illuminated, the other darkened black. Refoldings cast from cardboard and other contingent materials in bronze, concrete, and wax assume an abject monumentality. Large-scale, intricately worked graphite drawings set against spectral grounds made using bleach suggest interior spaces adrift in ambiguous twilight worlds. Like mirages or memories, familiar objects and the spaces they inhabit are transformed into uncanny new meta-realities.

(source: gagosian.com)


Till 4 January 2014TATIANA TROUVÉ Gagosin Gallery Rome

Gagosian Gallery

Via Francesco Crispi 16

Tue–Sat: 10:30am–7:00pm and by appointment


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