Teodora, Bulgarian

How long have you lived in Italy?
Long enough to feel at home and to dream of leaving home 🙂

One word to sum up the dating experience in Rome?

Can you describe the worst date you’ve ever had here?
Since I am not local I was considered and treated as a tourist for a whole evening. I was dragged all over the city to see “romantic” restaurants and “cute” bars and “perfect” places for a first kiss while I’ve been knowing them all and maybe even much more than the guy knew. Then the Italian impatience for a first kiss on a first date just drives me crazy!

And the best date so far?
In the zoo or a walk with my eyes tied at 4am with the final destination the ‘Pincio’. Both were awesome!

Do Italians go Dutch or does a gentleman pay for a girl’s meal here?
Most of the time they get badly offended if you want to split or offer.

What is the pick-up line you hear most often in Rome?
“You are not Italian, right? In fact I am sure you are not because you are so beautiful and at the same time so social.”

Are the Italians more passionate than Anglosaxons or is this just the stereotype?
They are but sometimes far too much! Relax boys!

Is the dating culture easier than back home or harder?
It is just different. The fact that we have different background and culture makes it interesting but still Italians ARE drama! 🙂

Your favourite bar/discoteca to flirt in Rome?
I wouldn’t say I am flirting there but CO2 is a place where you can meet some interesting people…. 😉

Your favourite restaurant for a dinner date?
Summer time Bistrot Vivi in Villa Pamphili, winter time Casa Coppelle.


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