The Timeless Dance at Complesso del Vittoriano

Timeless Dance Dancing Together

Beyond the Mountains

For just two short weeks, the Complesso del Vittoriano is hosting a journey through the Chinese mountains in the form of The Timeless Dance: Beyond the Mountains.

As you follow the spiral of the seven sections entitled ‘Origins’, ‘Exploration’, ‘The Call of the Heart’, ‘Correspondences’, ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘Dancing Together’ and ‘Rebirth’, you become lost in the landscape just as artist Mao Jianhua would as he began a painting without really planning or knowing where it would end up. Such spontaneity pours out of his work as he captures the energy and essence of nature’s beauty in the commanding yet spiritual mountainous terrain.

Timeless Dance Rebirth

Though at a first glance the retrospective appears to be but black and white, Jianhua explains how colourful this can be when one notices the vast spectrum of deep blacks, varying greys and bright whites, occasionally complemented by delicate pastels, created by sweeping brushstrokes of traditional ink on handmade paper. Upon being asked of his favourite artists Jianhua included Monet (also being showcased at the Vittoriano this autumn) and the influence of the impressionist great is apparent here. However, what really inspired the work was the Chinese tradition and nature as the origin of beauty. The monochrome effect of these works alludes to the fundamental contrasts of nature; those of darkness and light, empty and full and noise and silence.

Timeless Dance Artist at work

Against the vastness of the panorama, The Timeless Dance subjects its viewers to self-reflection and, as Jianhua himself states, these mountains could be anywhere in the world; art is personal and relates to each individual differently. Whether you feel that you are flying in these mountains, or whether you feel that you are falling, whether you find yourself in the Chinese Yellow Mountains or the Italian Dolomites, whether it’s stormy or still, what this exhibition captures is the timelessness of being transported elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the exhibit itself is not as timeless as its subject and will run only until 26th September, so get there quick for your trip to another world!


Complesso del Vittoriano, Via San Pietro in Carcere

Open Mon–Thurs 9.30am–7.30 pm; Fri –Sat, 9.30 am–10 pm; Sun 9.30am – 8.30pm

free entrance

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