Time Elevator: A Futuristic Journey into the Past

Rome for kids and family: Time Elevator

Ever wondered what it would be like to journey back to Ancient Rome, witness the assassination of Caesar, or marvel as Michelangelo painted the first stokes on the Sistine Chapel ceiling? Unfortunately, none of these things are actually possible, but the Time Elevator Experience offers you the next best thing. Tucked away on a side street on Via del Corso, this multi-sensory cinema experience is an original and fun way to visit or revisit the historic sites and legends of the eternal city.

Entering the “time machine”, you are taken back in time by a hilarious Italian professor for a half hour of adventure and antiquity. The aesthetic is tacky, wacky and fun, and the combination for entertainment and education is ideal for children or teenagers. With 3D visuals, wide panoramic screens, surround sounds and effects such as water and wind and flight simulators, this is a great alternative to trailing museums and listening to the often tiring and stuffy tours. Of course, if you have a good knowledge of Roman history, don’t expect in-depth historic narrative, but rather a light-hearted way to immerse yourself in a bit of history and culture

The experience is available in six different languages. In addition Ancient Rome, you can also travel back in time to the age of dinosaurs and learn about the evolution of mankind through the “Ode to Life” show. Time Elevator also offers packages that include access to major attractions in Rome.

“It is amazing to see how the technology of the future can breath life into the past,” says Manager of Time Elevator, Mauro Serafino. However, he points out that people don’t necessarily come here for the technological features. “We pride ourselves most of all on being warm, friendly and welcoming and making sure that everyone leaves with the memory of a great experience.”

Rome for kids and family: Time Elevator

Time Elevator

Via dei SS. Apostoli, 20 (Via del Corso / Piazza Venezia)

06 69921823


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