Torneo Città di Roma: National Bridge Tournament

Città di Roma National Bridge Event in Rome

Rome to host the first Città di Roma national bridge tournament

Rome is home to all kinds of events. And this year, the Eternal City gets to host the first edition of the Città di Roma tournament, the very-much-awaited national bridge tournament that will see 400 pairs competing in a heated match to claim the first place Città di Roma trophy!

That’s right, on June 9th, in the splendid location of Rome’s Olympic Stadium, bridge players across Italy will compete against bridge players all over Europe. The day begins at 2.30pm and will be divided into two sessions with 20 – 22 boards each. The first session will take place from 3.30pm – 6.30pm, and the second and final session will start at 9pm and end at midnight. In between the two sessions, players have the possibility to have an on site dinner buffet.

Just a heads up, whatever you do don’t leave before the prize-giving ceremony! There’s lots in store for the winners. It’s not just the trophy the winning pair will get, the first three pairs will also win monetary prizes. First place prize receives €1500, second place receives €1000 and the pair to win third place will receive €800. But the Città di Roma tournament also has other 40 prizes plus special awards to hand out to 300 pairs! It’s definitely going to be a great first edition. To participate, all pairs have to reserve their spot by email by June7. Don’t miss out!

June 9, 2018 from 2.30pm – 12.10am

Stadio Olimpico

Viale dei Gladiatori, Curva SUD

Admission fee: €25

Buffet dinner: €20

Reservation required by June 7 at

Città di Roma National Bridge Event in Rome

Città di Roma National Bridge Event in Rome

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