VIA! Street Photography from Hamburg to Palermo

VIA! Street Photography from Hamburg to Palermo
Fabian Schreyer - Berlin

VIA! Life in the streets…

VIA! (Translating to “street” in English) is an exhibition at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere of street photography that depicts everyday life in Italy and Germany.  The show is the result of the dedicated work of ten street photographers who captured these spontaneous images in public places over a 52-week period.

VIA! Street Photography from Hamburg to Palermo
By Marga van den Meydenberg. Taken in Berlin.

Filled with humor, mystery and confusion, these photographs may shine a whole new light on these featured cities for you. Be prepared to hit the streets of Agusta, Amburgo, Iserlohn, Berlin, Bologna, Napoli, Roma, Palermo, and Treviso  experience them like never before.

VIA! Street Photography from Hamburg to Palermo
By Stefano Mirabella. Taken in Rome.

This exhibition features “unusual everyday scenes” that give the viewer a glimpse of what really happens on the streets of these European cities. While walking through this gallery it’s as if you are keeping up with the lives of total strangers. Watching them swim, walk down a rainy street or even get into a car as they speed off to work is surprisingly enthralling.

VIA! Street Photography from Hamburg to Palermo
By Michael May. Taken in Iserlohn.

Regardless of where they were taken, some of the photos generate a universal expressive power. Other photos highlight architectural details. The light or the attitudes of the people depicted leave clues about the location where the picture was taken.  These talented photographers did a thorough job of capturing some of life’s greatest moments that often go unnoticed. Make sure to check out this lively scene before it’s gone.

 Till 3rd April 2016

Museo di Roma Trastevere

Piazza S.Egidio, 1/b

Tues-Sun 10am-8pm

Entry fee €6

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