Wayne Abbruscato-Orr

Meet Wayne Abbruscato-Orr. He’s one of the first interviewees we’ve had for this column who has really responded honestly to our questions. He’s not convinced that all parts of Rome are bellissimo and he can certainly see the flaws in Italians’ system but he also believes they’ve worked out one of the most important things in life that the US is yet to learn…

What made you decide to move to Rome Italy?

I moved to Rome for college but mainly to discover my Italian roots. I wanted to learn the language of my grandparents as well as the culture and the history of the Eternal City.

What was your first impression when you arrived here?

I arrived in Rome last January. My first impression was that a lot of people smoke and it isn’t as clean as I had seen on TV and the magazines. It certainly has its old ancient areas too it but it also has its modern areas as well that seem a bit rundown.

How have you adapted to life here and how different is it from where you are from?

I’ve adapted to the life fairly easy here in Rome, however, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to adjust to the customer service and the way businesses are run. Also because I work in the Fitness and Health industry, it has taken me some time to get use to the fact that everyone smokes here, even those who workout and go to fitness clubs.

What is your favorite place in Rome?

There are too many places in Rome for me to choose just one! Aside from all the beautiful historic monuments, churches and parks, just being out and about in the every day Roman life makes Rome itself my favorite place to be!

How has your love life been treating you since you moved here?

I haven’t had much of a love life since I’ve moved to Rome but maybe it’s because of my lack of Italian language that I am working on as we speak. I hope it will begin soon 🙂

What advice would you offer to new expats living in Rome?

If you are a new expat living in Rome, do all you can to immerse yourself in the Roman/Italian culture! Do your best to learn the language and the lifestyle of the Eternal city! Try to forget where you came from just for a bit and open your mind so that you can experience all that you can.

With the holidays just around the corner do you miss home and how do you spend the holidays here?

I certainly miss home knowing that I won’t be going to the States to be with my family this Christmas but I will be making the most of it with a good friend of mine and his family!

So far with the time you have spent here in Rome do you feel you have learned any of life’s lessons? If so, what have you learned from your experiences?

One thing I have learned since I’ve been here is the quality of life. Back home in America it’s all about money and who has the bigger house and car. Here in Italy people seem to put their family and friends first. The job comes second. I feel this is a better way of living seeing how a big car and house are not things that are there for you during the low and high times of life. All in all it’s more about quality and not quantity.

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