What’s New in Rome’s Nightlife?

What's New in Rome's Nightlife?

This month we explore all the novelties in this beautiful city and what both Romans and visitors can look forward to. We start off with a brand new place called ToNY Good Food or as most people call it “Tony”. The name lets visitors know that this place is not only international, but it also has good food. In true Italian style you cannot open a restaurant without a great kitchen; Tony has this, and more. More, because the kitchen is open every night until 2am, so if you’re out and about and want something good to eat, come to ToNY and ask for the famous “Fermino”. A special night to check out is Tuesday, with a live DJ-Set that plays mostly Funk and Soul music, a true novelty in Rome.

(To.N.Y. Good Food – Via Delle Botteghe Oscure 33).

A venue that is not new but is reopening and is simply the best club in the city center is Shari Vari Playhouse. The first weekend of October the doors will open again to the public and you will be able to have dinner, grab a cocktail for aperitivo and dance the night away until 4am. You must dress to impress (especially on the weekend) and you must get yourself on the guest-list to attend any of the parties. Fortunately, Romeing readers get a special treat: just call or message +39.334.253.2673 , ask for Marc and we will be happy to put your name on the list.

(Shari Vari Playhouse – Via di Torre Argentina 78 next to the Pantheon)

Another option in the center is the new Argot wine-bar, opening its doors for the first time this month. The idea comes from three excellent barmen who got together and recreated the atmosphere of relaxing in your living room while having a great drink and tasting gourmet dishes. The decor is a mix of post-industrial and french bistro; check it out.

(Argot – via dei Cappellari 93 next to Campo dei Fiori)

Last but not least, is the new Coffee Pot Lounge. It has been open for a few years but it just changed its location and it’s a lovely place. The lounge is open every day from 11am to 2am and serves everything from tapas to sushi to burritos. The interior has a sort of 1950’s Louisiana look with a modern and creative kitchen and very good service. Andrea, the owner, is friendly and always available. How do they define themselves? “Cozy, tasty and funny.”

(Coffee Pot – Via Michele di Lando 20 next to Piazza Bologna)

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