Christmas gift guide from Florence’s most singular places

Christmas gift guide from Florence's most singular places

Lots of ideas for a real made in Florence Christmas gift, while having a unique shopping experience

Looking to bring home authentic Florentine Christmas gifts that you will not find in the airport gift shops? Or you live in Florence and are looking for unique gifts but lack ideas? Here is a list of places where you are sure to find inspiration for the perfect gifts, while visiting some of the most unique places in town.

L’Arte Dei Ciompi: for an enchanting gift

Via de’ Cerretani, 18r, Firenze

Christmas gift guide from Florence's most singular places

When you enter this small shop and laboratory next to the Duomo, you suddenly find yourself out of time and space. Here you can find handicrafts made using ancient methods and machines handed down from generation to generation, using leather, wood and paper. Their art comes to life in notebooks, albums, leather books and cases, boxes, chimes, clocks and wooden fountain pens. You’ll also find captivating lithographs and watercolours on cotton paper.

Aqua Flor: precious perfumes and more

Borgo Santa Croce, 6, Firenze

This is the ideal place to find a unique and precious perfume, home fragrance or handmade soap in an historical palazzo. Their extensive range allows everyone to find their perfect scent. In their adjoining boutique, you will also find a wide range of interior decorations inspired by the world of perfume such as dried flowers, handmade wreaths and candles. Another magic place where time and space stand still.

Ditta Carlo Cecchi di Giuliano Ricchi

Piazza Santo Spirito, 12


When entering an artisan workshop, the space reveals itself slowly. A machine in the corner, coils of wire, unfinished metallic surfaces with rough edges collected in a bowl, a half open drawer crammed with tools for pressing, clipping, stamping … at last the treasure, gleaming gold and silver glinting from a shelf in the entry hall. In the center of this hidden world is Giuliano Ricchi. In this veritable trove of little treasures, you’ll find gleaming gold bracelets, shining silver earrings, elegant picture frames, whimsical dishes, figurines, and charms. You can’t remain indifferent to this place.


Pegna: an historical fine grocery

Via dello Studio, 26r, Firenze

If you prefer gourmet gifts, Pegna is the place. Just a stone’s throw from the Duomo, this is one of the best-known historic Florentine shops. It is an old grocery shop, stocked with all kinds of specialities: mainly Tuscan but also national, with a wide selection of wines, biscuits, colonial spices, coffee, tea and chocolate. At the food counter, experts will explain and serve you refined cheeses, cold meats and hams of all kinds. It’s a whole experience that makes Christmas shopping a pleasure.

Oronero: for tea lovers

Piazza de’ Pitti, 1r, Firenze

For tea lovers, Oronero has a selection of very high quality teas and infusions, including a wide range of organic teas. It is a small business run by two Florentine sisters, located at the very beginning of Piazza Pitti, a unique place for Christmas shopping. You will also find a selection of refined sweets to accompany a warm cup of herbal tea, as well as some lovely accessories for serving tea.

L’Ipogriffo: stampe d’arte

Via di Santo Spirito, 5r, Florence

Prints hand-painted by the Raffaelli family using 500-year-old techniques that combine tradition and sensitivity. From simple, beautiful subjects to captivating paintings, you are sure to find a unique piece that will quickly become personal and add character to your home or that of a loved one.

Atelier Bastah: modern women clothes with Italian fabrics

Via Santa Monaca, 17, Firenze

Also in the Santo Spirito district, if you’re looking for women’s clothing or refined handcrafted jewellery, this is a place where the clothes are a perfect balance between simplicity and a touch of femininity and French allure. The clothes are comfortable and made from natural Italian fabrics. You can find their brand in other shops in the city, such as Studioteca near Santa Croce, another great place for women’s gifts.

Maglificiogrp: trendy menswear made in Tuscany

Via Sant’Agostino, 30, Firenze

For the perfect piece for gents, continue the street down towards Piazza Santo Spirito and you will find MAGLIFICIOGRP. It is a knitting factory combining traditions and contemporary taste for classics founded in 1973. As well as high-quality woollen jumpers, you can find stylish and trendy menswear. Garments are designed and manufactured in Carmignano, Tuscany.

La Fierucola di Natale: Tuscan and sustainable christmas market

17 December 2023, Piazza Ognissanti, Firenze

Last but not least, the Christmas edition of Fierucola is a great place to get inspired and find a unique, quality gifts. Every product on display at the Christmas Fierucola has been carefully selected to guarantee its quality and durability. The exhibitors are experienced craftsmen and producers who care about the environment and the traditions of their region. From silver jewellery and wooden toys to olive oil and natural soap, you will be sure to find the latest gifts on your list in a joyful market atmosphere.

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