Purity Kit

Purity kit

Purity Kit


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A special set designed to give moments of relaxation and/or spiritual purification. Useful to purify environments and get rid of negative energies in a natural way.

During fumigation, it’s tradition to place the incense in a bowl. We have designed and created one that is very particular and in line with the style of this box.

This kit indclues:

  • SMUDGE STICKS of White Sage

The White Sage Smudge is the solution to purify one’s home and get rid of negative energies. Each smudge stick has a length of about 13 cm.

  • 3 little Palo Santo woods

Palo Santo is an all-natural incense that comes directly from Ecuador, typically used for the purification of environments and the spirit. This kit includes 3 pieces, each about 10 cm long.

  • 1 handmade ceramic bowl

A ceramic bowl made entirely by hand. The main features are the thin and irregular edges, glazed with a combination of dark toned colors.

Dimensions: diameter 9.5 cm x height 3.5 cm approx. Each bowl is different from the other, so the dimensions may slightly vary.

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Shipping Cost

Italy: €10

UK: €18

EU: €22

USA/Canada: €50

Additional information

Dimensions 9,5 × 3,5 cm


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