Singer Palace Hotel: a rooftop getaway

Singer Palace Hotel's Rooftop Restaurant and Bar in Rome

A rooftop restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart of the historic center

Summer in Rome feels like an everlasting weekend, full of excitement and relaxation. What can be described as exciting and relaxing if not a rooftop terrace, of course! Lucky for you there are plenty of rooftop terraces in Rome.
One of my favourites is the one at the Singer Palace Boutique Hotel.

Encircled by roman styled rooftops overlooking the central shopping road (Via del Corso), and neighboring Piazza Venezia, the Singer rooftop is an oasis with an unbelievable view. Thanks to its convenient location, enjoying your time here will come naturally. Whether you choose to visit the rooftop for lunch, cocktail hour, dinner, or drinks, Singer staff will pamper you all the way through, offering only the highest level of service to its clientele. It is suggested that you make reservations in advance, as the rooftop is part of the hotel and its guests are regular visitors.


Nevertheless, the Singer terrace is open to all! With fine cuisine (including vegan, vegetarian, and more) spending time on the terrace is truly wonderful. Cocktail hour goes from 5pm to 7:30pm, which means you can enjoy the golden hour while sipping away. During this time, you can pick between classic cocktails and original concoctions, all served with a variety of small savory dishes. If you find yourself wanting more of Singer’s exquisite cuisine, you can also order dinner from the menu afterward.



If you are planning to lounge on the terrace for an after-dinner drink, the bar is open 4pm-12:00am. Jim’s bar (a catchy and easy name to remember) has an impressive list for you to choose from. The new bar manager, Federica Geirola, is a rising star in the world of mixology. Her signature drink, the Yumi, combines marendry, Fabbri cherry syrup, lime, and acqua Faba to create a cocktail perfect for a summer rooftop. This drink earned her a triumph at the 2021 Lady Amarena Italia contest.

You can find her signature drinks and more, under their menu “From Jim’s with Love.” And for all you gin lovers looking to try something new, a personal favorite is the Seven Hills gin, which is originally made in Rome. If these options still don’t entice you, feel free to browse their menu for an array of wonderful drink options.

With so many unique traits, its magical atmosphere, and careful attention to detail, it’s incredible to think that the hotel and terrace have only been open for about a year. Lucky for us, it did! It seems like many people agree with us, because Singer Palace Hotel has nearly 400 reviews on TripAdvisor marking it as excellent and claiming the rooftop as one of the best in Rome for drinks and aperitivo.

Without giving anything else away, keep Singer rooftop in mind next time you’re in Rome and looking for your weekend rooftop getaway.


Via Alessandro Specchi, 10 (Centro Storico)

Opening time

Breakfast 7am – 11am
Lunch 12.30pm – 2.45pm
Dinner 7pm – 10.45pm
Jim’s Bar 4pm – 12am




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