Paparazzo Bar & Rooftop: Sipping on the Dolce Vita in the heart of Prati

Paparazzo Bar & Rooftop at Le Meridien Visconti Rome

The new rooftop cocktail bar that throws you back to 1960s Rome 

Rome in the 1960s was living its golden age; it was recognized as the most elegant city in the world, poised between an optimistic yearning for growth and a sparkling desire for carefreeness. It was a period characterised by a mix of vitality, explosive creativity, and worldliness, in which the encounter between fashion, cinema, design, and other arts gave the fabric of daily life a dynamic and exciting twist.  Paparazzo Bar & Rooftop at Le Meridien Visconti Rome, takes us back to this era, and at the same time, hurls us into the future.

The venue, a lounge nestled under the Roman sky, lulls us into a dolce vita, where drinking a cocktail becomes an irresistible social practice, where chatter, laughter and relaxation go hand in hand and give a concrete meaning to the concept of “happy hour”, making it the most anticipated moment of the day. 

The design of the place is typical of the 1960s: joyful and colourful. The bright coloured terracotta tables are in contrast with the wall graphic decorations in blue and pink powder inspired by the hand painted patterns of Italian fashion designer Livio De Simone. In short, the venue throws you back in time, in a cosy, relaxing yet elegant environment.

Paparazzo Bar & Rooftop at Le Meridien Visconti Rome

At the heart of it all are the cocktails which, like the venue, are a tribute to the city’s golden age and are at same time forward-thinking: they are original, playful and decidedly “Instagrammable,” which makes them crucial to the modern version of paparazzo art. Signed by the courteous and imaginative Bar Manager, Edoardo Arcesi, they are made from the highest quality fine spirits and conjure up the golden 60s, whilst creating contemporary experiences, through their names, looks, tastes and even the glasses (and ways) used to drink them! 

From the Paparazzo, served in the lens of a camera; to the Espresso per Roma, in a mug shaped like a Vespa; the Say Cheese, with a specific and quirky rule: at the first sip the bartender will take a polaroid picture of you; the Rosso Valentino, with a deep red sphere inside that pays homage to one of the greatest masters of Italian fashion; the Man on the Moon, served with a rosemary smoke ball, you are spoiled for (a fun) choice!

Paparazzo Bar & Rooftop at Le Meridien Visconti Rome
Paparazzo Bar & Rooftop at Le Meridien Visconti Rome

Though the cocktails are centre stage, there are also succulent tapas and snacks accompanying them, crafted by Executive Chef Giuseppe Gaglione, who uses seasonal ingredients with typical Mediterranean flavours. The dishes are healthy, colourful, juicy, perfect for sharing. 

Paparazzo offers fun-filled evenings: once a month special events with live music and DJ set will enliven the night – keep an eye on the rooftop’s programme by regularly checking the website.

Paparazzo Bar & Rooftop at Le Meridien Visconti Rome

In a nutshell, Paparazzo Rooftop Bar is a beautiful new lounge in the heart of Prati, just minutes from the Vatican City and the Spanish Steps, lifted from the city’s traffic, suspended between its rooftops and protected by its perfect blue, pink, red, orange and purple skies. An easy-chic place for all young professionals looking for a relaxed atmosphere and an excuse to socialize after work, for those seeking a more dynamic and fun Sunday brunch, and for all lovers of cocktails and La Dolce Vita.

Paparazzo Bar & Rooftop at Le Meridien Visconti Rome

Le Méridien Visconti Rome – Via Federico Cesi, 37 (Prati)

Opening hours
Mon-Sun 6pm-1am


+39 06.3684

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