Rome: Virtual Tour of Ancient Rome

Rome: Virtual Tour of Ancient Rome

Rome: Virtual Tour of Ancient Rome


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DURATION: 1 hour


MEETING POINT: This is a virtual online experience, upon booking you will receive an email with the registration details and link to the event.


Discover ancient Rome and all its history with a knowledgeable guide. Be transported to Roman times from the comfort of your home.

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Rome: Virtual Tour of Ancient Rome Highlights

  • Enjoy a hassle-free virtual visit to the attraction of your dreams from the comfort of your home
  • Learn about the history of ancient Rome
  • Explore the monuments with a licensed guide

Rome: Virtual Tour of Ancient Rome Inclusions

  • A licensed Colosseum guide for 1 hour


Experience ancient Rome from the comfort of your home with engaging photos, videos, polls, and a fully interactive chat function.

Your English speaking guide shows you the Colosseum and brings you to places were gladiators lived, fought and died. Explore the area beneath the stadium and see the complex system of elevators that lifted the gladiators and animals to the battlefield. Listen to the history and stories behind the men who fought to their death for the entertainment of the crowd.

Your next stop is the Roman Forum where Julius Caesar was assassinated. Discover the temples of Romulus, the Vestal Virgins, and the markets that used to be crowded in ancient Roman times. It will bring you back to these historic and important periods of world history.

Together with your guide explore Palatine Hill which is one of the most ancient parts of the city. Learn about the great history of this hill which is the spot where Romulus supposedly killed his brother, Remus, in order to secure the future of the Eternal City in his name.

This virtual tour is a unique opportunity to learn about ancient Rome and an experience you won’t forget.


  • All start times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • You will get registration details and the link for the online experience upon booking
  • Even if you are more than one person watching from the same device, it is sufficient to select one participant while booking to access the virtual tour.


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