The 2023 edition of the Festival delle Letterature in Rome

The 2023 edition of the Festival delle Letterature in Rome

The Palatine Stadium will host the 22nd edition of one of the most beloved summer cultural festivals in the Capital

Celebrating its 22nd year, the International Literature Festival will bring together esteemed Italian and international authors who have made significant contributions to contemporary literature. This year’s event will span over five evenings: July 3rd, 5th, 9th, 11th, and 13th.

Entitled La memoria del mondo (The Memory of the World), the festival pays tribute to Italo Calvino, commemorating his 100th birthday. The theme explores the origin of the universe through contemporary narratives, reflecting on the transmission of knowledge and literature.

The festival’s symbol for the 2023 edition, designed by illustrator Laura Riccioli, depicts a young woman delicately tiptoeing on the ruins of the Palatine, reaching up and almost touching the moon. This image embodies the lightness and aspiration towards the future that are characteristic of writers.

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The program, curated by Simona Cives, head of the Casa delle Letterature, benefits from the expertise of a distinguished committee, including Paolo Di Paolo, Melania Mazzucco, Davide Orecchio, Igiaba Scego, and Nadia Terranova. The evening format includes readings of unpublished literary works, in which international authors will creatively interpret the festival’s theme through a captivating blend of words, images, and sounds. Accompanying the readings are contemporary circus artists and acrobats who will bring Calvino’s words to life through their imaginative performances.

The Biblioteche di Roma institution will also host a preview at the Casa delle Letterature, featuring five events with international guests: Bernardine Evaristo on June 8th, Ali Smith on June 9th, Brenda Lozano on June 13th, the finalist meeting for the 2023 Strega Prize with Melania Mazzucco on June 16th, and Anna Maria Gehnyei on June 22nd.

Below is the program for the 2023 Festival delle Letterature.

Best Events In July In Rome

July 3

Luigi Lo Cascio reads The Memory of The World

Fernando Aramburu
Memoria del libro olvidado

Julie Otsuka
Yellow World

Jean-Baptiste Del Amo
Des cœurs battants

Giacomo Costantini / Circo El Grito
Performance of Argentine boleadoras and acrobats

July 5

Margaret Atwood
Impatient Griselda

Paolo Giordano
Turista per sempre

Valeria Luiselli
A veces, todavÍa, a través

Anton Monastyrsky
Acrohula hop

July 9

Vincitrice/Vincitore Premio Strega
Jeanette Winterson

Measure of all things

Burhan Sönmez
The memory of the world

Katja Petrowskaja
Das Foto schaute mich an

Valeriya Davydenko

July 11

Bernardo Zannoni
Lo specchio della mente

Sam Riviere
A True Account of Talking to Du Fu at Vesuvio’s

William T. Vollmann
Memories of the world

Paolo Locci / Brigata Totem
Chinese Pole

July 13

David Diop
Michel Adanson et la mémoire du monde

Maaza Mengiste
La memoria del mondo

Nicola Lagioia
Liberi dalle catene

Barbara Fiorenza e Claudio Ladisa
Aerial acrobatics

3, 5, 9, 11, 13 July 2023

Stadio Palatino, Parco Archeologico del Colosseo

Via di San Gregorio, 30

Entry at 8.30pm, readings start at 9pm

Free Entry

No booking required

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