MiT: the Food and Coffee Brewery by Enjoy Roma Monti

MiT by DoubleTree Hilton is the new spot for coffee lovers in Monti: with a brewery, a partnership with Lavazza. and their own chef preparing light meals.

MiT: the place for quality food & coffee in the heart of Monti

In the heart of Rome’s city center, you will find the electric neighborhood that has a mix of both bohemian and classical characteristics: Monti. Born in April 2021, DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti is the new face in town that deserves all our praise. Not only has the hotel created a space that provides guests to see Rome from a different perspective, they have launched their brand Enjoy Roma Monti, a new concept offering three different food and drink experiences to enjoy the city when you want, 24/7. 

First is MiT, DoubleTree’s food and coffee brewery, accessible to the public, not just to the hotel guests. The space is warm and inviting, yet chic with a hit of an industrial boho aesthetic. The wooden beamed ceilings, Parisian-inspired table and chairs, and forest green cafeteria counter are what transport guests to an interior design haven with an open concept effortless flow. From co-working space to a morning coffee at the bar or lunch outside on the patio, the options are endless to meet all your needs and enjoy MiT from morning to evening. 

MiT by DoubleTree Hilton is the new spot for coffee lovers in Monti: with a brewery, a partnership with Lavazza. and their own chef preparing light meals.

What we love about MiT is their exclusive partnership with beloved Italian coffee company Lavazza. The brand is the official partner of their new spaces, as MiT is committed to becoming a part of Lavazza’s newest campaign movement “Coffee Defenders”: a community of baristas and coffee lovers that support farmers while spreading the culture of quality coffee and simultaneously promoting sustainability


The coffee experience MiT provides guarantees a rich and tasty cup at any time of the day, carefully selecting fine blends combined with a variety of preparation methods to satisfy a diverse set of palates from cold brew to drip. We tried the chilled cold brew, extremely smooth with a hint of sweetness, paired with an over-fresh chocolate chip cookie that, with every first bite, instantly melts in your mouth. 


Aside from coffee, which we all know we can never get enough of, the bar makes delicious pastry and treats for morning or an afternoon pick-me-up, as well as fresh and locally grown dishes for lunch. All recipes have been carefully curated and prepared by their in-house baker and chef. From refreshing squeezed juice to melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies, to seasonal salads and rice dishes. Enjoy Roma Monti cherishes traditional Roman cuisine and has kept this as the backbone for all their dishes while adding a modern twist to create that memorable dining experience. 

Learn more about Enjoy Roma Monti’s other sister food and drink eatery Mùn, the sexy rooftop of DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti

Piazza dell’Esquilino, 1

Opening hours
Mon – Fri 8am-5.30pm
Sat – Sun 11am-5.30pm

+39 06.45774500


 Enjoy Roma Monti

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