“Stralunati” Multipurpose Ceramic Vases: Barnie

Stralunati Vases

“Stralunati” Multipurpose Ceramic Vases: Barnie


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Inspired by the idea of artistically displaying various human emotions, our ceramic artisans created these unique handmade wheel thrown pottery pieces. Made out of red clay using a special engobe ceramic coloring technique, these decorative pieces can spice up any space, indoors or outdoors, and make it more joyful and eccentric. Each vase has its own distinct personality, achieved by the grotesque facial expressions and quirky details. You can use them as bottomless vase decorations, embellish them with dried flower bouquets or place them directly in the soil.

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Red clay, mineral coloring.

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Italy: €20

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UK: €35


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Engobe technique is widely used to create an earthy, matt texture in ceramics. Paired with mixing mineral or metal oxide color pigments with a watered down clay, this technique allows colors to stay vibrant after glazing.

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Dimensions 8 × 14 cm


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