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Long-term apartment rentals in Firenze

Are you moving to Florence to make your dreams come true? Or maybe you’re moving to Florence for work reasons. Better yet, you’re here for a study-abroad program! Whatever your reason for moving to the birthplace of the Renaissance, at this point, you’re probably asking yourself how to find an apartment. But finding a long-term apartment isn’t quite as easy as finding a place to stay for a few weeks. So let’s begin! Once you’ll start searching, your cozy home away from home won’t be too hard to find. Apart from searching for a place to stay in standard agencies, there are various online websites you can consult to find your apartment in Florence. Here are a few apartment rental websites we think will come in handy!


Spotahome is another great platform for apartment hunting. You can choose from 7 different languages and browse through a selection of accommodations in multiple cities worldwide. The booking process is straight forward: go to their website, pick Florence as your city and choose the dates you’re interested in booking an apartment. You’ll find a great list of apartments for you. We love that all pictures are taken by Spotahome, ensuring quality pictures of the homes listed. 



If you’re a student, Studentsville is the accommodation research platform for you. While it’s mainly for students looking for medium-to-long term accommodations in Italy, it’s also ideal for regular travelers who are looking for a place to stay in Florence. Some of the best aspects about Studentsville include safe payments, an international network and verified hosts. Plus, it’s one of the few platforms that gives most of its revenue to landlords, meaning you’ll be giving money back to the local community. The website is easy to use and makes the whole process of booking your apartment easy peasy.



Rentberry is another excellent choice for those seeking an apartment in Italy. Rentberry combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, ensuring that your search for the perfect apartment is a seamless and enjoyable experience. As of August 2023, the platform has over 5,000 rentals of various types in Florence, including rooms and single-family houses. Moreover, the whole platform is in English and offers translations of all the listings in foreign languages. This feature proves itself useful when you have just recently moved to the country or are looking for a place from abroad.


Looking for a new rental? Then Rentola is the place to be. Whether you want to rent a new apartment, house or room, you’ll find a wide selection in all price ranges. Properties are available all over the country. Use the search box at the top, enter the area in which you would like to live and click Search. You will be presented with a wide range of options of which you can read details and see pictures.


You’re probably searching on multiple websites for your perfect apartment in Florence. But why waste time when you can find all apartments in one place? That’s right, Nestpick does just that – it’s a search aggregator for furnished flats (and we definitely recommend you check them out). So how does it work? It scans thousands of apartments across its partner websites and allows you to filter your search. Don’t worry, they make sure you only get the best selection of listings.


Airbnb is the go-to platform for vacation rentals and short-term stays. But it’s definitely proved it can pivot anytime it wants to adapt to its clients’ needs. We think it’s always a good idea to give them a try, plus, their long-term apartment listings have been growing. For those that aren’t accustomed to Airbnb already, renting your stay is quite easy and you get all the info you want on the homeowners, who are also ranked based on reviews. It’s a fabulous marketplace for short-term accommodations including apartments, homestays, hotel rooms and more!


Trovit is another search aggregator for apartments in Italy and is used by many locals. The downside is that it’s only available in Italian, but simply copy and paste the link in Google Translator to browse at ease. To find an apartment go on “Case” then “Case in Affitto” if you’re searching for an apartment/house, or “Stanze in Affitto” if you’re searching for a single room. The rest is pretty straight forward.


Maybe you’re not on the hunt for a whole apartment, maybe you just need a room to share with a few flatmates. If this is your case, we recommend you head to Roomgo – the world’s biggest flat-sharing community. Since 1999, their service has enabled the sharing of more than 5 million accommodations worldwide. All you have to do is sign up to Roomgo and create your own profile before you browse available rooms. Another plus is their online community, which make finding your potential flatmates easier. All ads are checked to make sure the website is a secure place. is the biggest online portal in Italy for searching and posting real estate offers. From property purchases to room or flat rentals, the platform is great and has a wide variety of offers for all wallet sizes. The contact information of the landlord is listed so contacting them directly is super easy.

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