From Rome to Florence: 3 Best Ways to Get There


Traveling around Italy from city to city often involves rental cars or plane flights, which at times can be costly and require a lot of patience. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Journeying from A to B can be a more enjoyable experience as long as you know your options. In this article, we will cover how to get around from the capital city of Italy, Rome, to another renowned city, Florence, without all the hassle of having to rent a car or book yet another plane ticket.

  1. A scenic train journey across the country

If seeing the European countryside sounds enticing, then catching an express Rome to Florence train is what you are looking for. As you ride past the seemingly endless plains of greenery and fields encompassed by a plethora of flowers, you start to uncover a never-before-seen side of Europe. Traveling past the green valleys and vast mountain ranges, you will start to develop a newfound appreciation for the natural beauty that hides away from the busy city centers. The train ride itself takes a mere hour and a half at most to get from Rome to Florence and has all the necessary amenities for a comfortable ride such as a snack bar, restrooms, air-conditioning, WiFi, and electric sockets to charge your appliances. Deciding to travel via train between Rome and Florence can be considered a sightseeing experience on its own that will leave an unforgettable memory of your travels.

  1. An expeditious bus tour

For those who are looking for a time-efficient way to visit many of the sights between Rome and Florence, an ideal option is to take a bus tour that stops at all the must-see destinations along the way as well as in Florence. After you get on your early morning coach, you will be headed to the cultural capital of Italy, Florence, which will take three and a half hours, during which you can enjoy the spectacles of the Tuscan countryside. Upon your arrival, you are free to roam around the city and pay a visit to the local cafes and bazaars while being surrounded by famous landmarks, such as the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, Campanile di Giotto and numerous works by Michelangelo. As the evening approaches and you continue wandering the historic narrow streets of Florence, you will find yourself aptly entertained by the ongoing festivities that the city has to offer.

  1. An unforgettable helicopter transfer

Experience Europe from a new point of view… literally. Treating yourself to the luxurious trip from Rome to Florence on a helicopter will be the ride of a lifetime. The birdseye view journey takes 60 minutes and carries you across the cities’ remarkable landmarks, including The Colosseum and countless cathedrals alongside beautiful scenery that is exhibited below. This method of travel is incomparable to any other mode of transportation and offers an outlook that only a few people get a chance to encounter.

Traveling from Rome to Florence can become more than just a means of transportation. Exploring new journeys through Italy can be made into an experience of its own through finding enjoyment in small things like observing the vast landscapes that open up through train windows or the small talk exchange with fellow travelers. So, don’t put off your trip from Rome to Florence for too long and find the travel method that works best for you.

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