The main events in Florence this autumn 2021

best events in florence autumn 2021

What’s on in Florence this Fall 2021

Autumn is gently falling on Florence and with it, a great number of events to accompany you during this time of the year. If you were already thinking about buying a new rug to swaddle on your couch let’s take a look at the entertainments offered by the city instead. After a very busy summer and with lower temperatures coming, this season is a great time to appreciate Florence in a more intimate atmosphere. Now that freedom has returned, let’s take advantage of it and discover the autumnal colors of Florence.


Jeff Koons. Shine

From October 2nd 2021 to January 30th 2022
Palazzo Strozzi

Jeff-Koons exhibition palazzo strozzi florence

From October 2nd, the famous Palazzo Strozzi in Florence will host another remarkable exhibition of the work of a great American figure of contemporary art: Jeff Koons. This exhibition, realized by Arturo Galansino and Joachim Pissarro with the collaboration of Koons himself, bring to Florence a selection of the most famous work of the artist coming from his principal collections and from the greater international museums. The exhibit offers a reflection about our relation to reality and art itself through the concept of “shine” as an ambiguity between being and appearing. The spectator is facing himself and he is the center of the exhibition. You will be able to face yourself through the revolutionary work of the American artist until the 30th of January 2022.


Inside Salvador Dalì

From September 16th 2021 to January 16th 2022
Piazza di Santo Stefano, 5

inside dali florence

The new exhibition in the Cattedrale dell’Immagine in Florence offers you the possibility to (re) discover the works of the famous Salvador Dalì in a multimedia exhibition. Thanks to technology, images and even illusions, the whole exhibition is projected in a multimedia space and surrounds the visitors at 360°. Whether you are an expert of Dalì or not, this new format of exhibition is perfect to enjoy the works of the artist by literally immersing yourself in his universe.  This multi-sensory experience will make you lost the notion of time and sometimes event the notion of space.

The 35 minutes show offers a large selection of Dalì’s work and also presents the life of the artist. This kind of exhibition is addressed to a broad audience, from art lovers to families.

Dante, il poeta eterno

From September 15th 2021 to January 10th 2022
Cappella Pazzi in Santa Croce

Dante.-Il-Poeta-Eterno by Felice Limosani

This year, Florence celebrates the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death. This special date inspired the artist Felice Limosani to create a special exhibition about the famous poet in the Capella Pazzi in Santa Croce’s church. With the association of humanistic disciplines and digital technology, the artist expresses his will to tell The Divine Comedy with its universal message in a place closely related to the poet’s history.  The artist offers an updating of Gustave Dorè’s work which is considered to be one of the best illustrator of Dante’s work. The layout of the exhibit creates an immersive experience inside the chapel thanks to a video-projection on the walls of the building. This exhibition is a great opportunity to discover the figure of Dante from a different perspective.


Genius Loci

From 23rd to 25th September
Santa Croce

genius loci santa croce

The festival Genius Loci is back in Florence to embellish Santa Croce. For the forth edition of this festival, the memory and the future will be the main theme of all the shows, going from music, photography, cinema, acting to literature. The sacred places of Cenacolo and the Chiostro grande of Santa Croce have been chosen to be the stages of this particular event. This fourth edition marks the return of life and art and with them the connection between artists and the spectators after a year of inactivity. For this special edition, all the representations will take place in the evening and some of them at night to prepare the conclusion of the event which will be a musical show performed by Ghimel Trio on Saturday morning at sunrise. This festival aims to celebrate the sacred places of Santa Croce and highlights the artistic value of such an incredible site.

Fabbrica europea

From 2nd September to October 17th
Florence and Tuscany

fabbrica europa firenze

The 28th edition of the festival Fabbrica Europa is coming back to Florence and in Tuscany. This festival offers many representations of dance, acting and music in many places in Florence like the Arno river, the Ponte Vecchio, the parco delle Cascine and many others. The festival was inaugurated by a very particular show on the Arno river untitled “DéRIVES” created by french artists called ILOTOPIE. The audience contemplated 100 transparent bright human shapes going down on the river, illuminating the night, as if they were the result of a magic spell combining water and wind. The ode of the power of water was the center of this mystical show. And this was just the first representation. If you want to discover the other events of the festival, you can find all the other dates on the website of the Fabbrica Europa.

Festa di Santa Reparata

October 8th

festa di santa reparata

Every year Florence celebrates Santa Reparata, the co-patron saint of the city. Santa Reparata is a strong symbol of Florence history thanks to her miraculous intercession in 406 AD when the Ostrogoths besieged the city. Because of her intervention, Florence was able to keep its independence and Christianity triumphed over the barbarians. As a sign of gratitude for her help, she was named patron saint of Florence. Her name was also gave to the main cathedral of the city which was built where Santa Maria del Fiore stands today. The rests of the ancient cathedral can be visited in a crypt located under Santa Maria del Fiore.

Traditionally, the celebration of Santa Reparata includes special guided tours of the city, conferences about the Roman Florence. Usually, the celebration ends with a ceremony in the Santa Reparata’s crypt in the evening.

The Main Events in Florence

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