Libraries in Florence

Libraries in Florence

A guide to the most important libraries of Florence

Going to a library, whether to study, for research or just to visit, is always a good idea. The city center of Florence hosts many libraries, especially some true jewels from the Renaissance. In these special sanitary circumstances reservations have to be made in advance and the Super Green Pass will be checked at the entrance of the library. Here is a guide to the best libraries of Florence.

Biblioteca delle Oblate

Via dell’Oriuolo, 24
Open Monday (2am to 7pm); Tuesday to Friday (9am-7pm); Saturday (10am-19pm) – +39 055 2616512/055 2616523

Libraries in Florence

The Biblioteca delle Oblate is the most popular library in the heart of the city center. Once you’ve registered you are free to go to any rooms (with your reservation) and borrow any material you want. This library is a great place to study, and you are surrounded by mostly resources in Italian. The Oblate serves as a meeting point for all the residents of the city, locals and foreigners as well. Thanks to its position in the city center, this library offers one of the best views of the Duomo in the city.

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale

Piazza dei Cavalleggeri, 1
Open Monday to Friday (8:15am-7pm); Saturday (8:15am-1:30pm) – +39 055 24919 1

Libraries in Florence

This library is one of the biggest in Italy. The majestic Florentine building is situated right in front of the Arno River and hosts an incredible range of works. This place is perfect to help you with any kind of studying and/or research.

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Harold Acton Library- The British Institute

Lungarno Guicciardini, 9
Open Monday to Friday (2:30pm-6:30pm)m-7pm); Saturday (8:15am-1:30pm) – +39 055 24919 1

Libraries in Florence

The Harold Acton library of the British Institute of Florence opens its door to everyone in the city. Once you have become a member you have access to all the resources (books, newspapers, periodicals and even DVDs). The library has a large selection of works from English and Italian literature. With the wide selection of resources and the stunning view of the Arno river, this library is the perfect peaceful place to study.

Biblioteca Pietro Thouar

Piazza Torquato Tasso, 3
Open September to June: Monday (2pm-7pm); Tuesday to Friday (9am-7pm); Saturday (10am-7pm)Open July and August: Monday (2pm-7pm); Tuesday to Friday (9am-7pm); Saturday (9am-1pm) – +39 055 2398740

Libraries in Florence

Situated in the south part of Florence, the Pietro Thouar library is an important cultural place of the “Oltrarno” neighborhoods. The library offers a large collection of resources with over 30.000 documents of all different kinds. Books in original languages are also at the disposal of the visitors.

Biblioteca Fabrizio De André

Via delle Carra, 2
Open Monday (2pm-7pm); Tuesday and Thursday (9am-7pm); Wednesday and Friday (9am-1pm) – +39 055 351689

Libraries in Florence

This library situated in the east part of Florence is a very useful place for the residents. The collection of the library is very large with several sections according to the age of the readers and to the subjects. The library also has an entire section of foreign books.

Biblioteca Orticultura

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 4 (other entrance at Via Bolognese, 17)
Open Monday (2pm-7pm); Tuesday to Friday (9pm-7pm); Saturday (10am-7pm) – +39 0554627142

Librariesin Florence

The Orticultura library is situated in the north part of Florence in the Giardino dell’Orticultura making it a lovely place to study, among greenery. The collection is quite large, and this library hosts a special section about Florence, perfect to learn more about the city.

Biblioteca Marucelliana

Via Cavour 43-47
Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday (8:30am-2pm); Tuesday, Thursday (8:30am-5pm) – +39 055 27 22 200/255

Libraries in Florence

The biblioteca Marucelliana is without a doubt one of the most beautiful libraries of Florence. Opened for the first time in 1752, the library has remained intact since that day. The catalog is very rich and the resources at the disposal of the visitors are both ancient and contemporary. The library also hosts various events like exhibitions and guided tours of the library.

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Biblioteca Riccardiana

Via Ginori, 10
Open Monday and Thursday (8:15am-5:15pm); Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (8:158am-1:45pm) – +39 055212586

Libraries in Florence

The biblioteca Riccardiana is another amazing library that will make you feel like you are time-traveling into the past. The library was built during the 15th/16th century and the architecture of that time remains today. This library is a precious resource for people interested in history with its very rich catalog full of works dating from the 14th century to the 20th century. The biblioteca Riccardiana also organizes guided tours and other events like seminars. The Bibliobus, also known as the “library on wheels”, is a traveling library, following an itinerary that crosses the entire city and aims to bring culture closer to people. The bibliobus will stop at some places in the city for one or two days before moving to the next spot. Everyone is welcomed to enjoy this funny library that offers a rich catalog. All you need to do is to register with your ID directly in the bus. At the link above you will find the map of all the stops of the bibliobus.

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