Lounge Bar De Bardi in Florence

Lounge bar De Bardi in Florence

A new bar & restaurant, promised to be one of the next trendy locations in Florence

A new cocktail bar with food just opened its doors in Florence, the De Bardi lounge bar promised to be one of the next trendy locations in Florence. Situated in the historical Via de’ Bardi in Florence, close to the Arno river, the De Bardi bar and restaurant seems to hold all the cards to become one of the hit locations of this summer and beyond. Modernity, elegance, and expertise are the three key words to describe the De Bardi bar.

As soon as you walk into the bar, the welcoming staff is here to guide you and make sure you are having a good time inside. For now, only the first room of the bar is available and this is already enough to understand the spirit of the place.

Lounge bar De Bardi in Florence

Once inside, the clients enjoy the modern and relaxed atmosphere of the room. It has velvet seats, marble-looking tables, and blue-green lights reflecting on the beautiful natural black and white wallpaper behind the counter.

Once you have taken a place in this elegant atmosphere, it is time to check the menu composed of traditional drinks and home-made cocktails carried out by the bar manager, Veronica Costantino. She will be more than happy to give you a recommendation if you have any doubts. The menu also offers a selection of aperitifs to accompany your drink. This aperitif menu gives a good example of the fusion bar’s style, offering both local and Asian inspired recipes.

The range of prices is coherent with the quality of the place, between 13 and 16 euros for a home-made cocktail and similar prices for the aperitif.

Lounge bar De Bardi in Florence

This first experience at De Bardi gives great hopes for the next evolution of the place. The De Bardi project does not stop here. The next step is to open the other lounge rooms. According to the style of the location but with a different and intimate atmosphere for each of them offering a different experience to the clients. A different fusion and lounge menu will be elaborated for the salons where the customers will be able to have dinner. With summer on its way, a courtyard at the center of the location will also be open to the public.

In the next months another central part of the De Bardi project will open the restaurant “Costa San Giorgio”. The restaurant was built on a real Florentine treasure which is the rock of the nearby hill Costa San Giorgio giving its name to the restaurant. Thanks to the glass floor, the clients will be able to contemplate the renaissance rock. The chef Yuzo Nakai composed a complete Tuscan menu matching the Florentine atmosphere of the room. The “Costa San Giorgio” restaurant will offer another unique experience for people who are not afraid of heights by allowing customers to have dinner on a well. A table for two arranged on the glass floor above the well allows the customers to be at the center while enjoying a special menu.

Another courtyard, ornate with a fountain realized by a Florentine artist will be open behind the restaurant perfect for sunny days.

Lounge bar De Bardi in Florence

Finally, part of the De Bardi project will be, literally, next door to the lounge bar. At Via de’ Bardi 25, the “Dispensa” will be a wine-house where customers will be able to try Tuscan wine and food from the Mugello region. The experience continues in the basement where the wine cellar will be arranged into a wine-tasting room. In that typical Tuscan wine cellar, customers will try quality vintage wines carefully chosen by the sommelier and will learn about the atypical story of the place.

In the last room of the basement, the De Bardi will offer another unique social experience: having dinner around a single large table to host around twenty people. In that way, the clients who booked their seat at the table will be enjoying a typical Tuscan menu while meeting each other.The whole De Bardi project will offer a lot of different experiences suitable for everyone. It has great potential and will make it a very special place in Florence in the future. Who knows, they may surprise us with other future projects.

De Bardi Lounge Bar

Via De’ Bardi 27, Firenze

Tue-Sun 6pm-1am


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