5 Must-try foods in Florence

5 food to try in florence

What to eat in Florence

You’ll surely indulge in Tuscan wines, cured meats and cheeses during your stay in Florence. What kind of a vacation would it be if you didn’t stop by one of the enotecas to taste the delicious food and wine the Tuscan capital has to offer? But there are other dishes you must try in Florence, some famed dishes and some more traditional dishes that have been influenced by the region’s Medieval history. Here is our selection of the 5 must-try foods in Florence

Bistecca alla fiorentina or Florentine Steak


What kind of trip would it be if you didn’t try the famed Bistecca alla Fiorentina (or Florentine steak)? We don’t want to oversell it but this will definitely be one of the most delicious meat cuts you’re going to taste in your lifetime. It’s almost 5cm thick, weighs 1 – 2 kg and always comes with a T-bone. It’s cooked on a fire grill for about 3 to 4 minutes per side and salted at the end. The result is a seared and crispy steak on the outside and rare on the inside. Perfection. 



This Tuscan dish dates back to the Middle Ages when nobles used to consume their dishes in bread. Once the meal was over, the leftover bread was given to the servants, who would combine it with vegetables and boil it, creating a tasty soup. Translating to “reheated”, the ribollita is a classic soup made with bread, tomatoes, beans, herbs and seasonal vegetables. It’s the perfect winter-time soup.

Pappa al Pomodoro

pappa al pomodoro traditional florentine food

Just like the Ribollita, the Pappa al Pomodoro was a peasant dish dating back to the Middle Ages. It’s texture is thick and it’s prepared with pane toscano bread, peeled tomatoes, garlic, basil and lots of olive oil. Whether it’s summer of winter, the dish is served year-round either warm or chilled.


lampredotto florentine food

This is a traditional dish that dates back to Florence’s medieval period. Surely not for everyone as it’s slow-cooked tripe served either alone or in a sandwich. This dish isn’t usually found in restaurants but you’ll find it on the menu of many trattorias, not to mention it’s become a famous street food so look out for the food stands to get a taste of Lampredotto. 


schiacciate fiorentine

This Florentine bread is renowned for its salty flavor and thin crust. It resembles a focaccia but it isn’t quite a focaccia. In all major street food joints in Florence, including the famed All’Antico Vinaio, you’ll see that it’s used as a base for sandwiches. It can be stuffed with prosciutto, cheese, vegetables and anything you’d like. Don’t leave Firenze without tasting one.

Where To Get The Best Street Food In Florence

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