Tipsy Tour of Florence

tipsy tour florence

History with a dash of fun

If you find yourself in Florence and seek to experience the city in a different way, if you are a big history fan and love scandalous stories, if you enjoy a nice glass of wine and good company, or if you are just looking for a night full of surprises, then we know just what you are looking for…

Not your typical guided tour, the Tipsy Tour of Florence is an experience in itself. You’ll get to immerse in the gossip of Florentine society back in the times when the Medici ruled the city streets, all the while enjoying different local drinks in the company of an enthusiastic multicultural crowd.

It is perfect for everyone, solo travellers looking to connect, couples looking to do something different, or even groups of friends going after a fun night out.

The best thing? You won’t have to worry a bit since the next three hours are all planned out for you, you just have to come and be ready to learn, mingle and of course, drink!

Chin-chin and let the fun begin

Start your serata just across the river Arno, at Giardino Martin Lutero where you’ll immediately feel welcome thanks to the enthusiastic guides, and of course, the glass of wine that will be served right away.

Scandalous stories of treason, love, and passion will inaugurate the night, not before your guide makes sure you learn the universal sign, so you never run out of wine. You’ll hear all about the Medici and their famous poison, the Pazzi family and their conspiracies, Giuliano and Bianca’s tragic love story, Caterina and the mysterious deaths of her husband’s mistresses, and more…

Then “cin cin” (cheers Italian way) with everyone in your group and you are off to a couple of hours of pure fun, as you now cross the river Arno, where you’ll get to take the most amazing Ponte Vecchio pictures and learn about the statue that seems to be jumping off the bridge. Don’t be shy and try to guess its meaning, don’t worry if you scream out the wrong answer, you can always blame it on the wine!


Art and chat

Quelo will be your first official stop, intended mostly for you to socialize with and get to know all of the people joining you on what will undoubtably be one of your best nights in Florence. Enjoy the cool artsy atmosphere of the bar decorated by Clet, one of Florence’s best-known street artists … and surprises will keep coming your way. This time, you’ll get to pick only the base of your next drink, and the amazing staff at Quelo will create a delicious cocktail for you. 

tipsy tour florence

Drink like a Florentine

The tipsy tour would not be complete if you didn’t make a stop at one of the famous Florence wine windows. Go back to the 14th century and get the local experience of having your drink served through a little hole in the wall. You’ll get the full story of how they came to be as you cheer one more time with your group with a limoncello cream in hand!

Drink in Florence’s beauty

Rapid heartbeat, excitement, and astonishment may be things you undergo in this next part of the tour, as you will slowly approach one of Florence’s most iconic places. If you feel “in a kind of ecstasy”, as the 19th-century French writer Stendhal would say, then it’s not the alcohol, it’s probably just the Stendhal Syndrome you got by being exposed to such a beautiful and historical building like Santa Croce.

tipsy tour florence
tipsy tour florence

Red, neon lights, and party vibes!

Sneak inside the alleys once filled with carriages, women in huge dresses, and gossip and learn about the old Florentine red light district and the customs of the time. 

Finish the night at Moyo Firenze, where a private neon light room will not only serve as the perfect end of the tour, but as the start of a great night! With a full menu of Campari-based drinks for you to choose from, you can now plan out the rest of the evening with your new friends and continue exploring and partying in this amazing city. 


What are you waiting for? Available any day of the week, if you want to learn, drink and get to know people from all over, Florence’s Tipsy Tour is definitely the way to go! A couple of tips: don’t forget to eat something before beginning the tour, and going to the bathroom first is always a good idea 😉


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