Via del Proconsolo

Via del Proconsolo

One of the best connected streets in the heart of Florence, full of unique historical landmarks, leather stores, restaurants and hidden gems

If you find yourself at the Duomo and you want to continue exploring deeper into the Renaissance capital, you should head out to the end of the Piazza and start your way down Via del Proconsolo. Although busy, especially at day time, you’ll soon find out why we love this street so much. Great dinner spots, well-connected, good leather shops, an astonishing cultural offer and more…

For the gelato lovers out there, you can begin the tour with a nice sweet treat at La Cathedral Gelateria or at Florerè Caffè Bistrot, which even has a second floor and a gorgeous view of the Duomo marble facade.
Very close by, just a couple steps into Via dei Maccheroni, there is a hidden gem you don’t wanna miss: sneak peek to find a unique 15th century fresco of a Madonna with Jesus, inbetween Giovanni Battista and Zanobi, the two patron Saints of Florence.
A bit further down on the left, you’ll find a little piazza and Santa Maria in Campo, a modest 11th century church which originally stood right outside the Florentine walls that ran along the current Via del Proconsolo.
Trattoria I tre Amici, Osteria del Proconsolo and Trattoria Le Mosace are three good lunch/dinner spots for you to try Tuscan cuisine served on traditional checkered tablecloth.
Be sure to look right in front and notice the Palazzo Nonfinito, an interesting structure which gets its name from the fact that it was built by many architects over time but was never completed. Today, it is also the site of the Museo di Storia Naturale, Antropologia e Etnologia, which holds a vast collection of over 25,000 ethnographic objects.
Keep on walking past Borgo degli Albizi and you’ll find Palazzo Pazzi, a national artistic heritage building and one of the best examples of the city’s civil Renaissance architecture.
If you’re a seafood fan, be sure to stop by at Fishing Lab Alle Murate, where besides tasting extraordinary dishes, you’ll be sitting inside a 14th century palace, admiring Roman remains and even portrait frescos of Dante Alighieri 
Don’t forget to step inside one of the multiple shops of leather Florence-style, located all throughout the street.
And right after the crossing with Via Dante Alighieri, there is a vintage photo cabin for you to model all your new findings with your friends!
Up next, L’Abbazia di Santa Maria a Firenze gives you the opportunity to step away form the buzz of the street and maybe even hear live the vespers of the monks, which are said to have inspired some of Dante Alighieri’s Divina Comedia verses
Almost at the end of the street, the Museo Nazionale del Bargello with its tall tower that characterizes Via del Proconsolo’s panorama, has a world-renowned Renaissance sculpture collection and a magnificent courtyard that are definitely worth the visit.
For the grand finale, the street opens up to the beautiful vibrant Piazza di San Firenze, were you can admire the Complesso, a 17th-century baroque building, home to the Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli, or the new contemporary art statues that stand in front of Palazzo Gondi.

Wether you decide to finish your stroll with a nice 5 euro aperitivo over the steps of Zeffirelli, or with a dinner at one of the several restaurants that offer a main course + side dish + wine menu, we are sure you will have loved the experience of walking around one of Florence’s most historical streets.

Pro tip: Via del Proconsolo is crossed by several streets that take you to other main hotspots. Via del Corso to the right will lead you straight to the spirited Piazza della Repubblica, and Borgo degli Albizi to the left, takes you to another lively square, Piazza San Pier Maggiore. Further down, Via dell’Anguillara is perfect for night life and it gets you right into the heart of Piazza Santa Croce. Also, there is an easy short access to the iconic Piazza della Signoria through Via deli Gondi.

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