Le Cure neighborhood in Florence

le cure neighbourhood florence

The exploration of a bucolic district of Florence

It will never be enough said that the city center of Florence is an amazing and lively place, full of incredible things to do and to see. But let’s go north from that picture and let’s discover a lovely neighborhood of the city where the modern society encounters the typical Italian lifestyle.

The district of Le Cure is situated at the north of the city center, beyond the majestic Piazza della Libertà. Once in the Piazza delle Cure, the heart of this area, you can instantly feel that you are in a friendly place open to everyone.

This Piazza is a central area where all generations meet, especially in the morning when parents are taking children to school before going to work and when elderly people meet at a café for a friendly conversation.

le cure market

The Piazza delle Cure is particularly crowded in the morning for another reason: the famous daily market. This market is very popular thanks to the diversity of the articles. From clothes and shoes to fresh and local fruits and vegetables, sometimes olive oil and wine as well, and so many other local products.

This place also offers a large selection of restaurants. According to you mood of the day you can choose between typical Italian cuisine with the Ristorante Calino and a pizza to Pizza delle Cure or Chinese food at the Kungfu Rosticceria. Another great place to go is the Cavini bar, which became a real institution since its opening in 1926, where you can eat one of the best ice cream of Florence and/or taste typical Italian pastries.

street art at le cure district of florence
street art at le cure district of florence

It may not look like it but Le Cure is one of the most famous place of Florence for street art. One of the way to reach the neighborhood is the underground passage that linked the viale Don Minzoni in the city center to the Piazza delle Cure. Every part of the walls of this underground crossroads is covered with eccentric graffiti. This place is like a museum in constant evolution where the murals can be admired until another artist expresses his art on these walls.  

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le cure neighbourhood florence
le cure district of florence

What makes Le Cure such a nice place to live is also the presence of green areas. The entire district is crossed by a lovely little river called the Mugnone. This river played an important role in the neighborhood’s history because it was in that river that the washerwomen, called “le curandaie” or “le cure” (the abbreviated version) used to do their laundry in the past, giving his name to the district. As you walk by this river, you should keep your camera next to you in case that you meet a grey heron or any other fascinating bird of the local fauna.

le cure neighbourhood florence

The main green area of Le Cure is the park of the Pettini Burresi area. This park is also a place open to the entire population of the neighborhood where children meet after school to go to the play area, where teenagers can hang out to talk or play basketball and where you can lay on the grass to read or just sit on a bench and relax. Besides, during the summer you can go to have a drink at the Ficò bistrò, a lovely outdoor bar open from April to September where many musical events are organized. The relaxed mood of this bar makes it a perfect place to meet your friends in the evening.

Spending the night in Le Cure can be a good idea too. You can find many bars and restaurants open at night in the area. A good address to spend a pleasant evening is without a doubt the Fake cocktail bar where you can eat high-quality and original food and choose a drink among the incredible list of well-made and unique cocktails. 

The friendly and familiar atmosphere of the Le Cure neighborhood makes it a place where life is enjoyable and peaceful and is at the same time very close to the services of the city center.

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