New Year’s Eve in Florence 2023/24

New Year’s Eve in Florence 2023

Florence Welcomes 2024 with Vibrant New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Florence is gearing up for a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration that promises something for everyone. This year, the city has planned a widespread and diverse array of events across six squares, transforming the night into a city-wide festivity.

One of the main highlights will be a concert featuring singer-songwriter Diodato in Piazza della Signoria. The stage will also be graced by comedian Andrea Paris, singer Cecille, saxophonist Eleonora Fiorentini, pianist Xing Chang, and opera singers Gianpiero Delle Grazie, Antonio Mandrillo, and Martina Tragni.

Piazza San Giovanni will resonate with the soulful ‘Gospel Choirs‘ of Musart, featuring The Pilgrims, the Academy Singers Choir and the Maryland Gospel Singers. Meanwhile, Piazza del Carmine will come alive with ‘La Notte dei Desideri‘, a night dedicated to music and entertainment. Wishes for 2024 will be gathered from from locals and tourists and published on a dedicated social channel. Both events start at 10pm.

For those who love jazz, Piazza Santissima Annunziata is the place to be with Circolo Exwide’s ‘Jazz New Year‘ event. Nico Gori and Gianluca Petrella will take the stage at 10pm.

In Oltrarno and Piazza Santo Spirito, Music Pool’s ‘Oltrarno on the Road‘ will feature three marching bands, spreading musical joy through the streets. Enjoy the sounds of Fantomatik Orchestra, Sound Street Band, and Bandão starting from 10pm.

Piazza Santa Croce will host Toscana Classica’s ‘Il Grande Ballo degli Orsi‘, paying tribute to maestro Sergio Staino. The Toscana Classica orchestra, along with the Ensemble Quattro Corde orchestra from Odessa, will present an evening of polkas, mazurkas, tangos, and traditional waltzes, starting from 10.45pm.

As the clock counts down to midnight, the diverse celebrations throughout Florence will provide residents and visitors with the opportunity to welcome 2024 with joy and music.

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