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Florence’s Must-Have Apps

Florence, the capital of the Tuscany region, is a center for culture, art, architecture, food, fashion, artisan crafts, and tourism. As a major Italian city there is so much to experience in Florence, but with a wealth of opportunities comes the struggle of sifting through it all. Luckily for you we have curated a list of the best apps in Florence to download for iPhone or Android to help you have a seamless experience. The following apps offer information on restaurants and experiences, simplify travel and museum logistics, offer a narrated history of Florence and more!



Feel Florence is an app that provides a cultural guide to Florence. The app is categorized by activities, ranging from art to sports to shopping. Simply pick the category of your interest and the app will give you great suggestions of any related events happening that day or in the future. You can read articles, written by the editorial staff, about the most exciting current offerings in Florence. There is also a section called skip the line where you can reserve your spot for the most popular destinations and events without having to wait in lengthy lines allowing you to make the most of your time in the historic city. They also offer a sustainability guide to the city, so you can be a conscientious tourist and help preserve this beautiful city.


Hidden Florence

Hidden Florence is an app that has audio guided tours of some of Florence’s most important historical landmarks. Engage with your surrounding in an unique way as many of the audio tours are told from the perspective of a specific historical figure or fictional character from a certain group or a different time. The app was developed as a collaborative research project from top historians across the globe. There is also a 3d companion app that gives descriptions of your surroundings via your phone camera. This app is a fantastic way to engage with the rich history of Florence as you get a free walking tour of the city.


Firenzecard App

Firenzecard app helps you save time and stay organized by keeping all of your travel and museum passes all in one app. For €7 you can buy a pass giving you access to all public transportation in the city for 72hrs. For €85 you can buy a pass giving access to the heritage sites of the Florence metropolitan area including exhibitions and reservations for 72hrs.

mad in action_iphone


MedinAction is an app and service that allows you to make house calls or online consultations to English speaking doctors 24/7. The app is very easy to use. Consultations start at €100 for house calls and €50 for online consultations. This is an important app to download when visiting any country that doesn’t speak your native tongue. Medical issues come unexpectedly and it is an important safety precaution to have access to healthcare.


Creative People in Florence

Creative People in Florence is an artist’s collective platforming the most creative minds in Florence. Started by working artists Sara Armhein and Anna Rose, the group’s mission is to create a community that fosters a sense of belonging. They host events such as studio visits, shows, and networking opportunities for their members. As a consumer, the app highlights some of the most talented artists and makers in Florence. It has an online shop and profiles of all of its members and their in person stores. This app is a great way to tap into the art world of Florence and find a one of a kind souvenir.



The Uffizi Gallery is home to artwork by masters such as Boticcelli, DaVinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Titan. The Uffizi App offers a history of the gallery and information about the art it is home to. You can access audio or written guides to various artists and pieces in the gallery. Many of the guides are free but some are available to purchase. If you are visiting Florence you must visit the Uffizi gallery to experience some of history’s most important pieces of art, and this app elevates the experience to the next level.

Uffizi Gallery Private Tour: Explore the Heart of the Renaissance

Skip the line at Florence’s Uffizi Gallery and discover the largest collection of Renaissance paintings in the world. With a private guide enlivening the gallery highlights with anecdotes and historical context, you’ll gain a more thorough and textured experience of pieces by Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and more.

IF infomobility_iphone

IF – Infomobilità Firenze

IF – Infomobilità Firenze provides hourly weather updates, daily news, as well as real time traffic and car accident reports. The map view can be used to avoid traffic and see exactly where traffic incidents are. This app is a must have tool for anyone planning to access Florence by car.



RideMovi is a bike sharing app that gives you access to eBikes all throughout Florence. The bikes are recharged each day allowing users to have access to motorized pedal assist to help with those longer and strenuous rides. Users simply scan a QR code on the bike through the app to unlock a bike. You pay within the app and can use a credit card or Apple Pay. Rides cost either a base of €0.20 per minute or if you sign up for Movi Prime you can get varying discounted rates based on the package you choose. RideMovi is a great option for getting around Florence independently and cheaply.



Starting with minimal to no Italian knowledge I downloaded Babbel hoping to start the learning process. Babbel is a very non-intimidating app. When you first download the app, it asks you how much time realistically you will spend on it per day, your preexisting Italian knowledge, and if you want to be reminded to practice. You can set weekly goals as well to keep yourself on track. I found that this was an approachable way for me to begin to learn because it is structured around my comfort level and allocates realistic amounts of time I intend to devote. Upon using the app, you will be given simple quizzes initially to familiarize yourself with common Italian words and phrases. It shows real time spelling and pronunciation as you take the quizzes so you can learn multiple ways at once. The app will advance your basic language understanding quickly, but the free trial only gives access to one lesson, after that it is subscription based.


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