Where to watch original language movies in Florence

original language movies florence

Films in English or original language in Florence

Feeling like a night at the movies with a bucket full of popcorn paired with a cup of coke? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of movie theaters where you can watch films in English or original language in Florence. Check out the cinema’s website for the official schedule.

Cinema Odeon

Piazza Strozzi

This cinema is a meeting place for all the foreign residents of Florence. Located in the heart of the city center, next to Palazzo Strozzi, this majestic theater resisted the impact of time and the place built in 1922 has kept its original style since then. 

The Odeon is famous in Florence for offering only films in their original language. The schedule is regularly updated and most of the movies are available in English. Films in other languages, like French and Spanish, are sometimes available too. This historical theater also hosts major cultural events like press conferences and special events related to the movies of the time. 

Cinema La Compagnia

Via Cavour 50/r

La Compagnia is one of the most important places for the cultural aspects in Florence. The schedule is extremely diverse, with movies from all over the world shown in their original languages with Italian subtitles. Promoted by the Tuscan region, La Compagnia hosts many different kinds of events in addition to the movie and documentaries screenings.  From international festivals to press conferences, there is always something interesting to see at La Compagnia. This place also tries to highlight the work of smaller producers in order to offer them greater visibility.

Fondazione Stensen

Viale Don Minzoni 25/c

The Fondazione Stensen, located north of Florence city center, is the perfect place for cinema lovers. The movies shown are always offered in their original language with Italian subtitles. This cinema has a perfect mix between international cinema and national films. Besides particularly promoting Florentine’s works, this movie theater also organizes different types of cultural events in different languages —including conferences, recitals, musicals and much more. 

Spazio Alfieri

Via dell’Ulivo 8

The Spazio Alfieri is another important place for cinema lovers in Florence. This cinema is the place where movies are combined with drama, music, food, design and visual arts. This theater is also a good place to go to enjoy a movie in its original version. The movie selection is diverse, with a particular attention to quality. That’s why you can find Hollywood movies, art films, documentaries and many others screening at the same time. Spazio Alfieri is also known for the festivals it welcomes every year, partnering with other cinemas of the city. The famous Festival dei Popoli, for example, currently happens in Florence.

Cinema il Portico

Via Capo di Mondo 66/68

Situated in the west part of the city, the Cinema il Portico is one of the special places where locals and foreigners can meet in Florence. Since all the movies are available in both original and Italian versions, the whole community is welcome in this cinema. The movie selection is not big, but it is efficient —being composed of international successes, local productions and smaller films. Il Portico also offers a variety of cultural events, like concerts and shows.

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