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  • ONE-MYFI Portable Pocket Wi-Fi Highlights
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    ONE-MYFI, on-the-go Internet Access

    [wp-svg-icons icon="podcast" wrap="i"] CARRIER: Vodafone [wp-svg-icons icon="connection" wrap="i"] TYPE OF CONNECTION: full-speed 4G LTE connection [wp-svg-icons icon="mobile" wrap="i"] NUMBER OF DEVICES: up to 10 devices simultaneously [wp-svg-icons icon="bullhorn" wrap="i"] USAGE LIMITS: Unlimited internet (without cap per day/usage) [wp-svg-icons icon="location" wrap="i"] PROMOTION CODE: ROMEING  
    ONEMYFI is a pocket-sized router with a 4G+/LTE which can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Easy, useful, and quick, ONEMYFI is set to be a favourite travel companion.  Navigate at the highest speed available in Italy with 4G LTE of VODAFONE with unrestricted bandwidth, with TRUE unlimited traffic! Download, upload, share, tag: Italy is a too beautiful place to run out of Giga.