Street Art Vespa Tour of Rome: the Best Street Art of the Eternal City

Rome Street Art Vespa Tour: The Best Street Art in Rome

Street Art Vespa Tour of Rome: the Best Street Art of the Eternal City


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DURATION: 3 hours

TIME: every hour, from 9am till 5pm (last ride)

FREQUENCY: every day

LANGUAGES: English and Italian

MEETING POINT: Via in Selci, 58 or preferred pick-up point in the city


Witness incredible forgotten buildings and hidden walls flourish in color and drawings on this 3-hour street art tour of Rome on the back of a Vespa. See millenary buildings and ancient ruins smoothly blend with this new disrupting form of art. And get your camera ready for the most unconventional Rome you would ever imagine! From Tormarancia, to Porto Fluviale and Garbatella, get ready to discover a whole new side of the Eternal City.




Rome Street Art Vespa Tour of Rome Highlights

  • 3-hour street art tour of Rome on the back of a Vespa
  • See street art districts like Tormarancia, Ostiense, Quadraro, Porto Fluviale, Garbatella & more
  • Take amazing pictures of the most unconventional Rome you could ever imagine
  • Street art by artists like Blu, Diamond, Lucamaleonte, Sten e Lex and many others
  • Witness incredible forgotten buildings and hidden walls flourish in color and drawings

Rome Street Art Vespa Tour of Rome Inclusions

  • 3-hour tour of Rome on the back of a vintage Vespa


  • Transport
  • Optional gratuities
  • Meals


This tour is an exclusive 3 hours Vespa ride across the contemporary districts of Garbatella, San Saba, Eur, Ostiense, Tormarancia. Enjoy a day of your holiday discovering the unconventional side of Rome in a cool way.

This tour is designed, to enjoy outdoor street art signed by international artists such as Diamond, Lucamaleonte, Blu, Sten & Lex and many others. Get your camera and your tummy ready, the unconventional side of Rome is waiting for you!


  • Please note groups are of a maximum of 6.
  • Full refund when the cancellation occurs 3 days before the vespa tour
  • 25% cancellation fee for cancellations that occur after that
  • no refund in case of same day cancellation or no shows


8 reviews for Street Art Vespa Tour of Rome: the Best Street Art of the Eternal City

  1. 5 out of 5

    Lauren H

    Wow, this is without a doubt the best thing that my sister and I did in Rome! There is no other way to see and experience the city. Giorgio and Massimiliano were so nice and made us feel right at home. We asked Giorgio to take us to some of his favorite places in Rome so we got to see things that we would never had seen otherwise. They even dropped us off at one of their favorite restaurants in the city and we had one of our best meals of the trip. If you are at all hesitant to sign up for this, just do it! You absolutely will not regret it. Thank you so much Giorgio and Massimiliano for the highlight of our trip!!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Why a delightful time my husband and I had on our Vespa tour of Rome. We had been to Rome only once before but had seen all the main sites so wanted to do something different. What a blast. Our drivers picked us up at our hotel and off we went for 3 hours. Helmets were provided and I never felt scared or anxious on the back. These guys live there and know what they’re doing. Made a few stops. Even for coffee/gelato/sweet treats. A great tour- gets you off the beaten path.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Emanuele M

    Hands down the BEST thing we did in Rome. There is no other way to see the city. If there is only one thing you got to do in Rome, you should sign up for this. Fun, Exciting, Informative.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Kimberly M

    This is a phenomenal Vespa tour of Rome. Vittorio, my driver and tour guide, is the best! He drove to all of the major sites in Rome, as well as many hidden gems. Vittorio has an excellent knowledge of the history of Rome, and is eager to share it. He also took wonderful pictures of me at the major sites. We stopped at a local coffee shop along the way. Definitely ask for Vittorio when you book this tour!

  5. 5 out of 5


    As this is my fourth visit to Roma, I wanted to experience the city in a different way. I’ve never ridden on a Vespa before, so I thought I’d combine the new with the familiar. This was such a great way to explore Rome. My guide Giorgio was brilliant in taking me to places that were off the beaten path. His knowledge and good humour also made the experience so much fun. Loved every second,…highly recommend!!

  6. 5 out of 5

    Jessica Blackman

    A short story, by Jess:

    To start with, I must say that this was booked for me by my sister as an early birthday surprise, and so I had done no previous research or comparisons prior to this. However, it sounded interesting, and so I happily agreed to go along with this ‘street art tour’ I had been bought.

    First impressions started out rocky. The main office was located in a tiny side-street with no obvious signage, and the one person there, whilst very friendly (gave me a coffee), wasn’t entirely sure why I was there and spoke little English. I began to worry. I will admit, I thought “what kind of operation is this?” I didn’t know if I’d be in a group, or if it was one-on-one, if we would be doubling or riding ourselves… many questions.

    Finally, my driver arrived. What a funky guy! And if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry, I’ve forgotten your name!
    He was fantastic. Immediately put me at ease, had a great grasp of english, and was actually chatty. I jumped on the back of his vespa, and we were off, just us two. I felt safe even among the crazy Rome traffic.

    We passed many of the main tourist attractions, and each time my driver pointed out fun facts, and I got a bit of a city tour as well as my street art tour.

    The art was fantastic, and not at all what I was expecting. Much of it, far from being graffiti, was large-scale building murals and neighbourhood-wide artworks. Where he knew the history or story behind it, my driver filled me in on the details. He had his own personal favourites, which he was visibly excited by and proud of.

    Unfortunately, barely 1 hour into the tour, it began to rain. And it did not stop. Mindful of safety (the cobblestones so common around rome are perilous for vespa/bike tyres), my driver pulled up stumps, and we sat in a small cafe far from town to wait out the rain. We were there for probably 2 hours- my driver bought us both coffees, cakes and savoury pastries, and we talked companionably the whole time. Unfortunately, it became clear the rain wasn’t going to ease up, so we agreed to call it a day. My driver very kindly agreed to finish the tour the following day, after he had finished work at his other job. I was so happy. He dropped me at my front door, and we agreed on a time the next day.

    Promptly at 12pm the following day, we met at the office again and continued the tour. I was given a solid 2 more hours of sightseeing, and even though he probably had a thousand other things he’d rather be doing, my driver had great humour and put just as much in to the tour as he had the previous day. I was very sad when it ended, and was dropped at termini train station.

    Please- if you’re considering this tour, either for yourself or as a gift, DO IT. I had an enormously fun time. I’ll be the first to admit I probably would have overlooked it if I was looking for things to do in Rome myself, but I’m so glad my sister bought me the tour she did. 3 highly enjoyable hours with many amazing photos to show for it. There were no other tourists to contend with, and it all felt extremely private and tailored to me. I cannot recommend it enough.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Rebecca Adams

    I just took the “Vespa Tour of Rome” and I loved it so much I took the Street Art Vespa Tour as well. I have to say they are both amazing and musts while in Rome! If you’re into street art, definitely don’t miss out on this one. Loved the giant murales!

  8. 5 out of 5


    I have seen a lot of Urban Art and Modern Art in cities all over the world but seeing it on the back of a Vespa was extraordinary. The pauses and breaks for Focaccia and pictures made this the best day of our trip! Would recommend this Tour/Experience to anyone!

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