Rome reopens Rose Garden

Rome's rose garden

Il Roseto Comunale di Roma

Just a short walk from the Colosseum and above the Circus Maximus, you can find an exquisite rose garden with over 1,100 different species of roses, with a spectacular view overlooking the ruins of the Palatine Hill and the city of Rome.

And the garden isn’t just beautiful, it’s also one of the most prestigious collections in the world, which retraces the history and evolution of the rose from the ancient Romans to today. There are roses from New Zealand, Europe, the Americas and South Africa, just to name a few. Some are 40 million years old.

Rome's rose garden
Rome's rose garden

The Garden was first set up in the year 1931 according to the wish of the nobleman Francesco Boncompagni Ludovisi, on top of a former Jewish cemetery. To commemorate the former site the garden still bears the two tables of the laws of Moses at its entrance and was given the shape of a menorah with its seven arms.

The garden is split into three sections, showcasing ancient, botanical and modern roses. It is both centrally located yet also a tranquil, romantic spot to escape the chaos of the city. Definitely worth a visit for lovers of roses, lovers of a great panorama or just lovers in general!

The rose garden is open free of charge from April 21st on the occasion of Rome’s birthday until mid-June each year.



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Via di Valle Murcia, 6 (Aventino)

Opening time

Every day, from April 21

8.30 am-7.30 pm

Free entrance

Info: 06.5746810

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  • This garden is amazing, one of my favorite spots in Rome! I recommend it to any and all friends visiting. Yeah Romeing!!

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