Private Tour of Roman Catacombs & St. Clement’s Undergrounds

Private Tour of Roman Catacombs & St. Clement’s Undergrounds

Private Tour of Roman Catacombs & St. Clement’s Undergrounds


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DURATION: 3 hours

DEPARTURE TIME: 9am or 2.30pm

FREQUENCY: every day except Tuesdays


MEETING POINT: Via di San Giovanni in Laterano 132, 15 meters from the Basilica of St. Clement

Did you know that under the modern city of Rome there are another 7 levels of ancient cities? Just a few blocks from the Colosseum is the best place to see this “lasagna” effect of Roman history. A church piled atop a Pagan temple and that on top of a house. This tour will allow you to explore some of the most popular underground areas of Rome.




Private Tour of Roman Catacombs & St. Clement’s Undergrounds Highlights

  • Explore underground Rome with this tour
  • Descend in the dark maze of the Roman Catacombs
  • Be surprised by the 3-level underworld of St. Clement’s Basilica
  • Find an ancient Mithraic Temple and an underground river
  • Enjoy the quality of a private tour


  • All entrance and private-transport fees
  • St. Clement’s Basilica
  • Catacombs of Domitilla


  • Optional gratuities

Explore 2 contrasting underground sights with an expert guide. Discover a hidden gem 14m below St. Clement’s Basilica and descend into the twisty tunnels of the Roman Catacombs.

Meet your guide in front of St. Clement’s Basilica and venture deep underground below its foundations into a mystical world of ancient cults and legends. Journey through several layers of history and earth, down 14 meters below ground. Experience the excitement of gradually exploring the later structures built on top of it on your way up to the surface.

Go back in time down to the deepest point and discover the best-preserved Mithraic temple of the city. Find out about the pagan faith of Ancient Romans before Christianity and be intrigued by its sectarian and esoteric flavour. Touch the waters of an underground stream before going higher into the remains of the 4th Century Basilica, built on top of the martyr’s house and below the actual one. Walk along its imposing walls and be fascinated by the ancient frescoes while learning about the scenes and the lives of the martyrs they portray.

Then journey outside the city walls to one of the largest and most ancient Catacombs of Rome, the otherworldly crypts of Domitilla. Descend 16 meters below the surface and explore the accessible part of its vast labyrinth of underground burial chambers and galleries.

Be captivated by the ancient wall-paintings of mythological and biblical figures and relive the shift of faith from paganism to Christianity. Feel the power of prohibited belief and learn about early martyrs and persecutions. Complete your underworld experience in the 4th-century subterranean basilica.


  • This tour is not suitable for people with claustrophobia
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes: a moderate amount of walking is involved
  • This tour is not wheelchair-accessible
  • For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the starting time of the experience

3 reviews for Private Tour of Roman Catacombs & St. Clement’s Undergrounds

  1. 5 out of 5

    Trusted Customer

    Fabulous 5-hour tour going back to ancient times of pre-Christian Rome.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Allison Graham

    If you want to see centuries of Rome in one day, this one is a must!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Kevin Collin

    I would recommend this tour to anyone. Amazing day, especially enjoyed the Crypt of the Cappuccini monks.

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