Romeing: your ultimate guide to Rome

What is it?

The first free press, event and lifestyle magazine devoted to Rome and written entirely in English!
Romeing is a magazine in English for tourists and expats visiting or living in Rome. A free, pocket-sized guide to the best locations, with a daily listing of the latest and most diverse cultural and lifestyle events in and around Rome. This is an essential information tool that allows foreigners of every age and background to live Rome to the fullest with advice and secrets from locals who know this city inside out.
This publication offers advertisers, institutions, local authorities, tourism companies, retailers and hospitality proprietors an opportunity to speak directly to an elusive, qualified audience with a high intent to purchase.

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Editorial profile

Even for an Italian, this city can be overwhelming if you don’t know what’s on, what’s recently opened, what’s cool and what’s happening down some little dark alleyway. Unlike some mags/sites on Rome, all our content is written by young experts on Rome who actually live here full-time and are up-to-date on everything that is happening so that readers/users can avoid experiencing ‘tourist Rome’ and get inside the heart of the city.
Our journalists are all fluent in English and Italian and have lived, worked, loved and partied in Rome for many years, ensuring that you don’t just get a guidebook perspective on where to eat, drink, sight-see and party. For any specific questions about holidaying or living in Rome, all our writers can be contacted via this site for personal tips that can save you time, money and stress. Because bascially, we love Rome and we want you to love it too!

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  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Circulation: 30.000 copies
  • Format: 120×160 mm
  • Pages: 64-94 pages
  • Cover stock: 170 g/mq, plastic-coated
  • Stock: 100 g/mq
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