A Guide to Live Music Venues in Rome – ROCK, INDIE & ALT

Live Music in Rome

Top Live Music Bars in Rome

We’ve curated a comprehensive list of live music venues in Rome, catering to rock, indie, and alternative music enthusiasts. Whatever your musical inclination, this city has it all. From intimate and unplugged performances to grand live concerts and everything in between, our guide is your go-to resource for finding your ideal spot, whether it’s an underground club or an electrifying DJ set to set your night on fire.

Auditorium Parco della Musica

Via Pietro de Coubertin, 30 (Flaminio)

auditorium parco della musica in rome

Auditorium Parco Della Musica, a sleek modern multi-functional complex blends cutting-edge architecture and state of the art acoustics encompassing three enormous concert halls and a 3000-seat open-air arena. Designed by Renzo Piano the Auditorium is the centre for many spectacular live music concerts such as classical, abstract contemporary, art music, chamber and sacred music while hosting many cultural events in Rome such as the International Film Festival held here every October. The Auditorium is also home to one of Italy’s finest orchestras, the world-class Orchestra of Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.


Palazzo dello Sport

Piazzale dello Sport, 1 (EUR)


Among the masterpieces of 20th century Italian rationalist architecture, the Palazzo dello Sport, also known as the PalaEur, today hosts important music and entertainment events. Its circular shape and considerable size (the dome has a diameter of 95 m) make it one of the most important indoor arenas in Europe. Palazzo dello Sport is able to host major sports, music and entertainment events with 11,500 participants.


Alcazar Live

Via Cardinale Merry del Val, 14 (Trastevere)

live alcazar rome

In the beating heart of Trastevere, the live music venue comes to life from the structure of an ex movie theatre – Alcazar Live. It’s a place where each day of the week has its own unique rhythm: Thursdays are dedicated to live music jam sessions, while on Fridays and Saturdays international/Italian artists and djs fill the stage bringing you 100% live emotions through soul, funk, R&B, soulful house and disco music. On Sunday they await with a brunch and a vintage market next to live DJ sets. Grab a cocktail, a beer or a wine glass and enjoy the show. For those wanting to be entertained while they dine, don’t miss out on Alcaza Live’s Hostaria overlooking the stage from the second floor, where you’ll taste Mediterranean flavours with a twist as the bands play below.

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Via dei Cartari, 7 (Campo de’ Fiori)

frisson roma

Frissòn is not your typical bar. Started in December of 2021 by two artists Luca and Mario, Frissòn is a hybrid art experience, live high fidelity music venue, and bar. Luca wanted to create a space where you could listen to DJ sets, ambient Jazz, and even live concerts, and drink craft beer and natural wines. Every three months they have a rotating visual art instillation. Frissòn place that curates high taste: in addition to their food drinks and art, they also have a small retail space where you can buy rare magazines and curated vinyl records. Frissòn is a highly unique bar, I recommend a visit!

Atlantico Live

Viale dell’Oceano Atlantico, 271d (Eur)


This space holds up to 4,000 people and hosts everything from rock concerts to International DJs turning the entire place into a giant nightclub. With acclaimed artists such as Bob Dylan and Kasabians performing on their kitted out state of the art sound stage, Atlantico Live in Rome is where the big boys come to play.

Blackmarket Hall

Via de Ciancaleoni, 31  (Monti)

Blackmarket Hall Bars in Monti

A dimly lit vintage dream of a bar with many hidden nooks and crannies in hip bohemian Monti, where concerts bring a flavour of progressively artistic yet nostalgic live music. Here unique events are the norm. With a dynamic calendar, it’s always a delightful surprise. Stay in the know through their Facebook page or simply drop by for an evening of unexpected delight!

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Via Crescenzio, 82 (Vaticano)

live music fonclea rome

Located in the neighborhood of Prati, near the Vatican City, the Fonclea has developed a strong profile on Rome’s music scene and is now well known for its consistently exciting programming. Since 1977, this restaurant and pub features EVERY DAY a broad range of musical acts. Rock, jazz, Latin-American, Folk, and Bluegrass are just a few of the many options.

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Lian Club

Lungotevere dei Mellini, 7 – under Ponte Cavour (Prati)


Ever liked the idea of getting groovy to some sounds on a boat? Well at Rome’s Lian Club you can do just that. Born in 2006, Lian Club has steadfastly created a sound reputation for live music events in Rome. Situated on a boat, just under Ponte Cavour, Lian Club treats visitors to an artistic experience, welcoming musical acts from genres of jazz to electronic, as well as a stellar variety of DJ’s sure to get the party started.


Piazzale Del Verano, 71 (San Lorenzo)


Boasting a bar, dance area, and a large outdoor garden perfect for a balmy Roman night, Marmo is certain to please. Specialising in live music, particularly in the genre of jazz, indie, rock, and blues, Marmo is the ideal venue in which to appreciate some musical prowess all the while sipping a skillfully prepared cocktail to accompany the event.

Monk Club

Via Giuseppe Mirri, 35 (Prenestina)

monk club rome

This multifaceted venue is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds. In the warmer months the outdoor garden is a welcoming space where various activities are held even in the daytime from brunches to parties. The more popular indoors part of Monk Club houses a brick lined main hall for those looking for an authentic live music night with local talent. Monk also includes a more laid back lounge area for more intimate shows like readings or some stand up comedy.

Fanfulla 5/a

Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 5/a (Pigneto)

I migliori locali del Pigneto, Roma

Located in the Pigneto Area, in the Eastern part of Rome, Fanfulla is a multi-purpose venue with a multi-genre vibe that has become an institution for the people who love the undercover art scene of Rome. Fanfulla is both an art platform and a party space, a place where guests enjoy chamber concerts, atmospheric parties of well-known and foreign musicians, discussions, workshops, presentations, cinema evenings, performances, lectures on art, music and design. People who run the place, those who work there, but also the DJs, promoters and visitors, are all part of the same tribe.

Al Muretto

Via degli Aurunci, 26 (San Lorenzo)


Born from the remains of the historic Le Mura, which after twelve years of activity had to close its doors for good at 24 Via di Porta Labicana, Al Muretto is located in San Lorenzo on Via Degli Aurunci. In the mornings it’s open for students and workers, in the evenings it offers all kinds of cultural and artistic events: from karaoke to open mic on Wednesdays, to stand-up comedy on Thursdays to, of course, live music performances and DJ sets on weekends.

Traffic Live Club

Via Prenestina, 738 (Prenestina)

traffic live rome

Before you enter Traffic Live Club you need to be aware that it is solely a place for those who are ready to rock. Traffic Live Club will unleash your inner rocker and is known to many locals far and wide as being a hub for rock music. This venue is a beloved favourite for those who enjoy guitar riffs with high distortion, and crowds that are perpetually head banging. Take our word for it: this club is definitely recommended for anyone who loves heavy metal.


Via Giuseppe Libetta, 19 (Ostiense)

Vinile live music Rome

Vinile is one of those aesthetically beautiful live venues. It’s not just a stage and an open space, it’s an experience. And although the venue is indoors, it happens to be quite spacious even though it does tend to get crowded on the weekends. But whether you find yourself partaking in their cocktail selection or taking a taste of their menu, this club will surely have you coming back for their originality in dishes and live music choices.

Wishlist Club

Via dei Volsci, 126b (San Lorenzo)

wishlist roma

Wishlist is the perfect no-frills haunt which is quite simply all about the music. This concert hall houses a mix of musical genres ranging from jazz to rock to indie, and it welcomes both well-known and up-and-coming acts ready to showcase their musical prowess.  Also offering a fine selection of wines to quaff, Wishlist is the ideal spot to experience the musical essence of Rome and showcase some indie style moves on dance floor.

Orion Club

Viale J. F. Kennedy, 52 (Ciampino)


With a capacity of just over 1000, the Orion is big enough for some impressive names to take to the stage, but small enough for you to get close enough to watch. Set in the location of what used to be one of the most important nightclubs of the Castelli Romani area, 30 minutes drive from downtown, Orion Club plays host to an eclectic selection of acts and genres, showcasing a variety of important bands – such as: Television, Jesus and Mary Chain, Archive, God is an Astronaut, IAMX – and attracting a diverse clientele.

Largo Venue

Via Biordo Michelotti, 2 (Prenestina)

live music venues in Rome

Largo Venue is dedicated to cultural entertainment in Rome. It’s a redevelopment project, a space torn from decay and recovered through creativity. They host some amazing live music concerts where Italian and international artists perform footsteps from San Lorenzo and Pigneto. From live music to relaxing in their green area, from clubbing to activities for the whole family, Largo venue is a place for all music lovers.

L’Asino Che Vola

Via Antonio Coppi, 12d (Caffarella)


With particular care for traditional Calabrian and Mediterranean cuisine, this cocktail-bar and restaurant holds live concerts, theatrical shows, readings and book presentations alike. Sometimes even photographic exhibitions and art shows. With all these, it becomes a cultural venue where you can unwind with a delicious drink and a tasty meal while listening to amazing live tunes, perfectly represent what hey call themselves; a Risto-Cultural-Live.

Trenta Formiche

Via del Mandrione, 3 (Pigneto)


Open from 2010, this venue hosts emerging and new artists and independent bands for live shows with the objective to let the public know of many more underground musicians and less mainstream national and international talents. It welcomes avant-guard and experimental gigs and what’s special about them is that they also have a music school! They often hold independent movie screenings and art exhibitions of local photographers and illustrators.


The Ultimate Guide to Live Music in Rome

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  • Big Star in Trastevere (Via Goffredo Mameli) also has some interesting local bands upstairs as well as weekly music documentary nights Wednesdays. Mostly free. 🙂

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