6 Must-try Cooking Classes in Rome

Enjoy a delicious meal of your own creation in the Eternal City

It’s always wonderful to be able to bring back souvenirs after a vacation. And perhaps the best souvenirs of all are intangible: the new things you have learned while away. Go home with a souvenir to last a lifetime as you spend your time in Rome learning to cook fine Italian cuisine in one of these unique cooking classes.


Market tour and Italian cooking class

from €109

Team building activities in Rome

Get up bright and early to hit the markets like the Romans do. Wander the bountiful local Campo de’ Fiori market and select the freshest ingredients to use later as you concoct a delicious, authentic Italian meal. Join us on daily for this unique opportunity to learn some expert cooking skills in one of the world’s best cities for food. This experience is good for kids and is offered in both English and Italian. 

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Pasta-making class footsteps from Trevi Fountain

from €50

cooking classes in Rome

As the backbone of Italian cuisine, you simply must learn to make fresh pasta, there is absolutely nothing like it. Fortunately, we offer a thorough pasta-making class right near the Trevi Fountain. You can learn to make some of your favorites like tagliatelle, linguine, pappardelle, and spaghetti, fresh sauces from scratch and even top it all off with tiramisu! This experience is offered in English, Italian, and Russian and can be scheduled any day upon request.

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Learn to make the perfect pizza near Piazza Navona

from €50

pizza class in Rome

Learn the secrets behind the perfect pizza!  You will learn how to recognise the types of doughs and how to make the perfect pizza with a professional pizza maker in a pizzeria near Piazza Navona. Choose to make your own pizza from different toppings (margherita, marinara, funghi e salsicce, patate e mozzarella etc). After you’ve made your pizza, we’ll have lunch/dinner together with a glass of wine included.

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Maestro-Chef cooking challenge

from €129

maestro-chef cooking challenge

Face off against your friends, family, or even complete strangers as you all compete to make the tastiest meal. The day begins with a shopping trip at the outdoor market, where you will all select the freshest ingredients. The competition continues as you begin cooking. After our chef samples your dishes, a winner will be declared. You can all celebrate afterwards with drinks as you enjoy your meals. Classes are offered in English and Italian daily. 

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Ravioli and meatballs cooking class in Piazza Navona

from €80

cooking classes in Rome

Join us near Piazza Navona to learn how to make some of the most beloved Italian food: ravioli and meatballs. You will prepare ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta as well as seasonal fillings. And don’t forget about the meatballs, of which you will make the famous polpette alla pizzaiola variety. Afterwards, of course, you get to enjoy your delicious meal with a pairing of wine. Join us any day except Sunday for lessons offered in English and Italian.

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