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The Ultimate Discount City Card for Tourists and Locals in Rome

Touring Rome for a few days? Consider the 48 or 72 hour Roma Pass for visiting cultural heritage sites and accessing public transit with one card. Tourists can purchase their Roma Passes online before arriving to Italy and begin their exploration of the most exquisite monuments, museums, and archeological sites for discounted prices. Skipping long ticket lines, visiting a network of 50 galleries and museums, and using public transportation with ease makes Roma Pass a must-have resource for exploring Rome.

Access to Cultural Heritage Sites:

Rome in one day

Roma Pass 48 Hours provides free entry to your first visit to a museum (including the exhibition) or archeological site. Beginning with your second visit onwards, the Roma Pass qualifies you for reduced ticket prices. Roma Pass 72 Hours allows free entry to your first two visits to museums or archeological sites, and reduced tickets on your third visit onwards.

A network of more than 45 contemporary art galleries, museums, and archeological sites gives cardholders plenty to explore during their 48 or 72 hours in Rome. Some must-see sites include the Capitoline Museums (the world’s oldest public museum), the Colosseum (mandatory reservation), the Villa Giulia Etruscan Museum, Galleria Borghese, and the ruins of Ostia Antica. The Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel are not included in the pass, but tourists can undertake a 24 or 72 hour pilgrimage through Rome with the Omnia Card, a pass for touring places of worship.

There are combined entry arrangements at some monuments and museums, where one admission with your Roma Pass gives you access to a group of museums; the Colosseum (plus the Forum and Palatine Hill), Appia Antica (with the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella and Villa of the Quintilli), Villa Torlonia (with Casina delle Civette and Casino Nobile), and the Museo di Roma (with four other sites) feature combined entries.

Tourists can also skip the line and move directly to the security checkpoints at the Capitoline Museums, Castel Sant’Angelo, and the Colosseum. Visitors wishing to purchase reduced tickets for the Colosseum can buy them at the “groups/reserved” ticket office after going through the “group” entrance and security.

Reservation is required for the Borghese Gallery, which can be made via telephone (+39 06 32810) or email ( It is highly recommended to book at least 10 days in advance.

Tourists can make reservations before purchasing or acquiring the Roma Pass by providing the name of the cardholder. Free reservations are only applicable to cardholders who are visiting the gallery or Domus Romane on their first visit (48 hour Roma Pass) or first/second visit (72 hour Roma Pass). Other visitors must pay a reservation fee, but can use their reduced pricing benefits.

Remember that museums and archeological sites in the Roma Pass network are closed on Mondays, with exceptions of the Colosseum, Trajan’s Market, Capitoline museums, Castel Sant’Angelo, Ara Pacis museum, and Baths of Carcalla. Nearly all museums are closed on Christmas (December 25th), New Year’s Day (January 1st), and Italian Labor Day (May 1st).

In addition to touring museums and archeological sites, Roma Pass holders can partake in numerous cultural events at the Children’s Museum, Eataly, the House of Goethe, Villa Medici (French Academy), Vicus Caprarius archeological site (a.k.a the “City of Water”), Hard Rock Café, and the Teatro dell’Opera for reduced prices.

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Access to Public Transportation & Tourist Services:

Trams in Rome

Cardholders can also use ATAC public transit with their Roma Pass, which includes metro lines A,B and C, trams, buses, and railway lines Roma-Lido, Roma-Giardinetti, and Roma Flaminio at Piazza del Popolo-Viterbo. Note that children ten and under always ride for free. Without the Roma Pass, tourists and residents can buy public transportation tickets at tabacchi shops, newspaper stands, or metro offices for a 100 minute (€1.50) to 72 hour usage (€18). For more information about using public transit in Rome, check out our guide.

Trenitalia lines, the Leonardo Express, and all connections to/from Fiumicino airport are not included on the pass. Ciampino airport is accessible via metro and bus with the 720 bus line from Laurentina station (Metro B) or the 520 bus from Subaugusta and/or Cinecittà stations (Metro A), through which tourists can use their Roma Pass.

Many travel and tourism agencies in Rome offer discounts to Roma Pass holders. During your stay in Rome you can use tourist services like luggage storage, bike tours, the hop-on hop-off bus, cooking classes, and the SIT shuttle buses for airport transfers for cheaper prices.

 The 48 hour and 72 hour passes cost €32 and €52.

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