F.A.Q. from study abroad students in Rome

You’re finally in Rome for your study abroad program. Now what? Where do you go shopping? What if you feel sick? And where can you eat something other than pasta? We’ve got you covered with answers to all of your questions!

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What to do if you feel sick in Rome?

Sick happens. If you feel sick in Rome, whether it’s the stomach flu or something more serious, call up MedinAction. They’re an on-demand house call medical service for travelers, expatriates, and study abroads. MedinAction delivers qualified English-speaking doctors in Rome and other cities in Italy (Milan, Bologna, Florence, Venice) to a patient’s doorstep, 24/7.

Are there any cafes with free wi-fi where I can work/study?

Essays, research papers and lots of work. Sound like you need a place to work that isn’t your flat. But Rome is different from other major cities in this sense, as you won’t typically find many cafes like Starbucks where you can work on laptops while ordering a cappuccino. However, as of late, more and more Roman cafes are catering to the idea of offering co-working spaces with WiFi as an ideal place to relax, enjoy a coffee, and even work out of your laptop. Check out our full guide here.

Are there any cool free things I can do in Rome?

Rome is a city filled to the brim with historical sights, cultural events and impressive exhibitions. What makes the Eternal City even more remarkable is that you can experience so much of its great beauty without breaking the bank! Check out our full guide on the top free things to do in Rome!

What food delivery services should I use?

Although the traditional Italian dining culture might reject the idea of eating a gastronomic masterpiece while sitting in pajamas in front of the TV, this hasn’t stopped several delivery services from seeing Italy as an interesting market for business. Check out our favorite food delivery services in Rome!

Ideas on non-touristy things I can do when my parents come visit?

Of course you’ll want to take your parents to visit the Vatican Museums and the Borghese Gallery. But you should also get them away from the crowds and experience Rome the way the locals (and you) do! Take a look at our list of top non-touristy things to do in Rome.

Any restaurants where I can order something other than pasta & pizza?

Italian food is arguably one of the most mouth-watering cuisines in the world, but we all need a bite of something different on occasion, and this can be disconcertingly hard to find in a city that reveres carbonara and espresso above all else. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite ethnic and international restaurants in Rome for those nights when you’re craving a gastronomic change of pace.

Where should I go for a great hamburger with fries in Rome?

You’ve been here for awhile, and although you respect Rome’s culinary traditions, you’re ready to steer off the pasta path for a meal or two and go for a good old- fashioned hamburger with some fries on the side. Luckily, there are plenty of sublime burger spots found around town. Check out our full list here!

What’s a codice fiscale? How do I open a bank account? Where do I get an Italian sim?

Moving to Rome is no easy undertaking. Adapting to a new language, monetary system, transportation network, and rhythm of life can easily overwhelm anyone unfamiliar with Italy. The following guide contains information on several procedures for setting up a new life in Rome, such as: getting a codice fiscale and work permit, setting up an Italian bank account and phone, and obtaining and renewing a residence permit. Check out our full guide on how to set up your life in Rome.

What’s the best way to move around the city? Any transportation tips?

Compared to learning Italian or suffering through bureaucratic procedures, navigating Rome’s transportation systems can be one of the easier undertakings for foreigners. As you build a routine commute to university or work, it’s important to find transportation that works best for you and learn how to use it like a native resident. Here are our tips on how to navigate Rome’s transportation system.

Recommendations for restaurants and bars for student budgets?

There are plenty of places students can go for a meal or a drink without breaking the bank. Click on our full guide to restaurants and bars on a budget to discover 14 restaurants and bars that cover a range of cuisines and dining atmospheres all while fitting a student budget. Students can discover a variety of pubs, restaurants, and cafes offering lively night outs, artistic adventures, or laid back outings.

Any useful apps I should be downloading?

Rome is such a popular destination that it can be a challenge to wade through the sea of books, blogs, websites, and magazines to truly find the best advice. But what could be easier than pulling out your phone? With these 16 apps, you can explore the city’s food culture, brush up on your history, learn Italian, find a doctor and more. It’s like having an expert on all the best things to do in Rome right in your pocket.!

Where can I watch movies in English in Rome?

Missing going to the movies and watching the latest movies in English? Not to worry – Rome has its handful of movie theaters screening movies in English and original languages. Check out what’s screening this week here.


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