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General questions about Rome

When traveling from the US to Italy, is an adapter needed to charge an iPhone?

Yes, when traveling from the US to Italy, you will need an adapter to charge your iPhone or other electrical devices. Italy uses different electrical outlets than those in the US, so an adapter is necessary to plug your charger into Italian electrical sockets. You can purchase adapters at various places, such as electronics stores and airport shops.

How many days are recommended for a trip to Rome?

The ideal length of stay in Rome can vary depending on personal preferences, interests, and how much you want to explore the city’s attractions. Many travelers find that spending around 3 to 5 days in Rome allows them to experience the main highlights of the city without feeling rushed. For those who wish to delve deeper into Rome’s culture and discover its hidden gems, a longer stay of more than a week may be preferable.

We have a selection of guides on how to make the most of your time in Rome, whether you have 1, 2, or 3 days.

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Do most restaurants and shops in Rome and Florence accept Visa/Mastercard?

Yes, all restaurants and shops in Rome and Florence accept Visa and Mastercard, along with other major credit cards such as American Express and Discover

What are some good places for shopping in Rome?

Rome offers a wide range of shopping opportunities, from high-end designer boutiques to unique artisanal shops and bustling markets. You will find different kinds of stores on Via del Corso, Prati, Via dei Coronari, etc.

Rome Shopping Guide.

Are there any beautiful beaches near Rome?

There are several beautiful beaches that are not far from Rome. Ostia is the closest beach to Rome and can be easily reached by train or car from the city center. It offers several kilometers of sandy beaches along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Our favorites, however, are Santa Marinella and Sabaudia.

Best Beaches Near Rome

Which are the best catacombs to visit in Rome?

Rome is home to several catacombs, each with its unique history and significance. We recommend Catacombs of Domitilla which is among the largest and best-preserved catacombs in Rome. They are located along the ancient Appian Way and contain extensive underground burial chambers, dating back to the 2nd century AD.

Guide to Rome’s Catacombs

Food & Drink in Rome

What are some must-try restaurants in Rome?

Rome is renowned for its delicious cuisine, boasting numerous restaurants that serve authentic Roman dishes. At Romeing, we meticulously curate lists of must-visit restaurants for you to experience authentic Roman cuisine, alongside a variety of international dishes. Whether you’re craving traditional Roman dishes, gourmet cuisine, or something in between, you’ll find no shortage of fantastic dining options in the Eternal City.

The Best Rome Restaurants
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Best International Restaurants in Rome
Osterie and Trattorie in Rome
Best Restaurants With a View in Rome

How to avoid tourist traps?

Avoiding tourist trap restaurants in Rome requires some savvy planning and a bit of local insight. Here are some telltale signs to watch out for:

Right in front of a landmark: Steer clear of restaurants located right in front of major attractions like the Colosseum or the Vatican. Instead, venture a few blocks away to discover restaurants that cater more to locals and offer a more authentic culinary experience.

Aggressive waiters: Be wary of restaurants where staff stand outside, actively trying to lure you in. Politely decline and continue walking. These establishments often prioritize attracting tourists over quality food.

Large places with long lines: Avoid large, overcrowded restaurants with long lines outside. Opt instead for smaller, more intimate places that may lack extensive seating but provide a genuine and memorable dining experience.

Do all the restaurants charge a service charge?

Most restaurants in Rome charge a coperto, an Italian word which literally translates to “covered”. This charge, typically a few euros per person, is a fixed fee intended to cover the cost of tableware such as silverware, plates, and glasses used during your meal.

Colosseum Info

Can visiting the Colosseum Archeological Park be split between 2 days using the same ticket? For example, visiting the Colosseum one day and Palatine Hill the following day?

There are two types of tickets available for the Colosseum Archeological Park. One is valid for 24 hours with 1 entry to the Colosseum (without the Arena) and 1 entry to the Roman Forum, Imperial Fora and Palatine. The other, called Full Experience, is valid for two consecutive days, and it allows one access to the Colosseum (including the Arena) and one access to the archaeological area of the Roman Forum, Imperial Fora and Palatine.

Can you buy Colosseum tickets more than 1 month in advance?

Tickets on the official websites are issued exactly 30 days in advance. However, if you prefer to plan further ahead, you can purchase tickets from reputable websites like the Romeing shop.

Colosseum Tours

If you can’t get Vatican or Colosseum tickets online, can you buy them by standing in line?

While buying tickets on-site is an option, it’s important to note that wait times can vary depending on the time of year and the volume of visitors. If you’re visiting during a busy season (summer) or want to avoid lines, it’s generally recommended to purchase tickets in advance online.

Vatican Info

How in advance can you book tickets for the Vatican Museums?

Tickets for the Vatican Museums can be booked up to 2 months in advance. For those who prefer to plan further ahead, tickets can also be purchased from reputable websites like the Romeing shop. Booking your tickets early can ensure you secure your desired entry time and avoid disappointment and long queues on the day of your visit.

Vatican Tours

Are shorts acceptable for entry to the Vatican?

The Vatican has a strict dress code for visitors, and it aims to ensure that visitors show respect for the religious significance of the Vatican and its cultural heritage. Both men and women need to cover their knees and upper arms, and hats are not allowed either.

Vatican Dress Code

Can you bring food, like sandwiches, into the Vatican Museums?

Like many cultural institutions, the Vatican Museums have rules in place to preserve the artworks and maintain a clean environment for visitors. Therefore, it is forbidden to take food including sandwiches into the Vatican Museums.

What time does the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums close?

From Monday to Thursday: 7pm
Friday and Saturday: 8.00 pm
Last Sunday of the month: 2pm

Accomodation in Rome

Recommendations for a quality hotel close to Termini Train station?

There are several quality hotels close to the central station, Termini. We recommend Hotel Artemide, which offers modern rooms with luxurious amenities, including a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Rome. And UNAHOTELS Decò Roma that features Art Deco-inspired design and contemporary rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities. Guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast, fitness center, and lounge bar.

Are hostels safe in Rome?

In general, hostels in Rome, like those in many other cities around the world, prioritize the safety and security of their guests. Feel free to look through our hostels guide and tips to save your money while enjoying comfort in Rome.

The Rocking Hostels of Rome

Transport in Rome

How long does it take to travel by train from Rome to the Amalfi Coast?

The fastest train journey from Rome to Naples takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes with high-speed trains.

To Sorrento: From Naples, you can take the Circumvesuviana commuter train to Sorrento, which takes about 1 hour.

To Positano: From Naples, you can take a regional train to Sorrento and then transfer to a SITA bus or ferry to Positano. The bus ride from Sorrento to Positano takes about 30-40 minutes, while the ferry ride takes about 40-50 minutes.

To Amalfi: The train journey from Rome to Salerno (the closest major city to Amalfi) takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes with high-speed trains. From Salerno, you can take a SITA bus or ferry to Amalfi. The bus ride takes about 1 hour, while the ferry ride takes about 35-40 minutes.

Day Trip to Positano From Rome

What website do we purchase train tickets from?

In Italy, you can purchase train tickets for journeys within the country through the official website of Trenitalia, the primary train operator in Italy, as well as Italo. Both websites allow you to search for train schedules, purchase tickets, and even reserve seats in advance.

What’s the easiest way to get from Rome Ciampino airport into Rome?

The easiest and relatively inexpensive option is to take a bus into Rome. You can also take a taxi or a private transfer.

Private Transfers

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