Streets of Rome


Via Margutta


Via Margutta is a narrow and picturesque street known for its rich history dating back to the 17th century, once home to Fellini and location of the award winning movie Roman Holiday.

Via del Pellegrino Rome

Via del Pellegrino


Venture off Piazza Campo de’ Fiori to find Via del Pellegrino, a street filled with boutiques, galleries, restaurants and cool bars for coffee & aperitivo.

Street of Rome: Via Urbana

Via Urbana


Via Urbana captures the essence of Monti: antique and vintage but cool and hipster at the same time, where trendy meets classic and young meets ancient.

Streets of Rome: Via Giulia

Via Giulia


Via Giulia is a historic street of Rome, home to several beautiful churches, cultural buildings, and elegant palazzi.

Via dei Coronari in Rome

Via dei Coronari


Via dei Coronari: a famous street of Rome. The stores sell mostly art and antiques, but also clothing, interior, jewellery, restaurants and a gelateria.